About us

At Expeditionmeister, we are driven by our passion for exploration and the freedom to roam the world. We believe in creating a global overland community that connects people and enables exciting outdoor vehicle experiences. Our mission is to provide a one-stop shop for overland enthusiasts, offering everything they need to embark on their next adventure.


The adventure begins when Hugo at the age of 15, discovered his passion for trading and renovating vehicles with a story. He saved enough money to purchase his first Unimog and build it up to then sell it to other enthusiasts for this Mercedes Benz classic. Here is where Unimogmeister started, with the purpose of solving the multiple pain points that Hugo found along the way of trading this specific type of vehicle, quickly building a worldwide community.


With the motivation that users stories and experiences shared through the platform, he decided to expand to expedition vehicles giving birth to Expeditionmeister as a global platform for overlanding.



About Expeditionmeister



Today Expeditionmeister, is led by a team of passionate young entrepreneurs that met while studying a Masters in France, joining forces to build a global community for overlanding combining knowledge about the industry, technology and strategy to become a one stop marketplace.





Ignacio Expeditionmeister


Ignacio Fernandez

Originary from Chile, he has the dream to travel the world on a camper van. Passionate strategist with experience working in the technology industry and startups building. 



Sehaj Expeditionmeister


Sehaj Jaggi

Growing up in India, he gained the passion for overlanding as a style of living and building the community. As a solutionist and tech expert, he has experience working as a software developer in consulting companies. 



Hugo Expeditionmeister


Hugo Theunissen

Coming from the Netherlands, he developed his passion for the Unimogs. Gaining enough experience from vehicle trading, and his studies in Economics, he decided to solve the pain points he encountered by creating Expeditionmeister.





Expeditionmeister empowers people to pursue their overland dreams by building a global community. 


To fulfil our vision as a one stop marketplace for overlanding, our company foundations rely on the following values and principles:


  • Education

We believe in empowering individuals to discover new places and experiences through overlanding. Through this, our objective is to build and gather the knowledge needed to enhance and facilitate the experience in the process of learning, searching, and purchasing an overland vehicle.


  • Transparency

Our platform provides opportunities for overland enthusiasts to connect, share stories and trade vehicles by encouraging transparency in a trustworthy platform. 


  • Security 

We prioritise trust and security in every aspect of your journey. We want you to feel confident and safe as you explore the world with overland vehicles. Our commitment to integrity ensures that every transaction and interaction is conducted with the utmost safety and security. 

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