About Expeditionmeister

Expeditionmeister makes trading overland vehicles easy and accessible by providing a reliable matchmaking platform. Our one-stop-marketplace connects adventurous buyers and sellers worldwide. Start exploring!



Expeditionmeister is led by a team of trailblazers from over the world that have joined forces to build a global marketplace and community for overlanding.


Sehaj Expeditionmeister


Sehaj Jaggi




Hugo Expeditionmeister


Hugo Theunissen



The Origin

“It all started at the age of 15 when I, Hugo, after saving enough money to buy my first Unimog to rebuild and sell it. The first one was soon followed by another Unimog and 3 years later unimogmeister.com was born.


From that moment on, it turns out that there is something even more fun than trading: namely, figuring out how to make the lines between buyer and seller as short and powerful as possible.


Getting motivated by the input and experiences of the users, there was a clear incentive to maximise the potential for the community by expanding to overland vehicles. With a result giving birth to Expeditionmeister as a global trading platform for overlanding.”

~ Hugo


About Expeditionmeister



A Road Ahead

The overland market is growing around the world, but it is complex and requires good information and contacts for making wise decisions.  Expeditionmeister solves this problem.


To fulfil our vision as a one stop marketplace for overlanding, our company foundations rely on the following values and principles:


  • Education

Building and gathering the knowledge needed to facilitate the experience in the process of learning, searching, and purchasing the right suited overland vehicle.


  • Transparency

Providing opportunities for overland enthusiasts to connect, trade vehicles and passing on the stories by encouraging transparency through technology.


  • Security 

Prioritising trust and security in every aspect of your journey. We want you to feel confident and safe so the adventure starts when you want to.

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