Exploring the Wilderness in Style: The search for the dream home in a 2015 All Terrain Warrior FG4X4

Explore the wilderness in style with the 2015 All Terrain Warrior FG4X4 Expedition Truck. Built by All Terrain Warriors, this Mitsubishi Fuso Canter is perfect for remote locations and long-term off-road adventures. Available for sale in Fort Laramie, Wyoming.

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23. Jan 2023
Exploring the Wilderness in Style: The search for the dream home in a 2015 All Terrain Warrior FG4X4

This Mitsubishi Fuso Canter 2015 was built by All Terrain Warriors. It is a compact expedition truck that can take you anywhere and keep you there for a long time. While the Canter is already known for its reliability, ATW has given it some serious off-road credentials. 

Its owner, Matthew Pancake, talked to us about how this truck was used to take them to remote locations, away from the known world. Using this truck, he and his significant other were able to spend their retirement in peace and serenity. 

The truck is available for sale in Fort Laramie, Wyoming. Read all about it below: 

The background

We talked to Matthew Pancake, who has posted his All Terrain Warrior for sale on the Expeditionmeister overland exchange platform. Pancake and his wife are retired public servants who sold their house to buy this rig. 

“We sold our house in Dec 2016, retired from state service, and bought our All Terrain Warrior which cost more than the house.”

They bought the ATW FG4X4 to travel westward in search of their dream retirement home. They were on the road 24/7/365 “in the ATW for 2 years.” They’ve posted many videos about their travels and adventures on their Rumble channel

“We went searching for our dream retirement property out west. And finally found it in SE Wyoming.”

Pancake revealed that their favorite aspect of the truck is its ability to go into unknown places, away from onlookers. 

“The best thing about our travels is being able to get off the beaten path.” 

This is because people keep asking them questions in awe of the truck. 

“When we went to parks and campgrounds we always had people ask if we were the Germans and if that was a Unimog. Or statements like ‘that's quite the rig’. Or questions like ‘what the hell is that?’, and ‘can we look inside?’”

Pancake said that his family preferred to take their 2015 Fuso Canter truck by ATW to spectacular locations, away from civilization. They loved activities such as watching sunsets or other miracles from mother nature in front of a campfire.

“We really enjoyed our tranquil remote adventures away from crowds in the most awe-inspiring locations like sitting on the rim of a canyon near Sedona Arizona watching a sunset with red sandstone formations and a campfire blazing and no one else around for miles!”

We asked Pancake about what he liked best about his 2015 Fuso from All Terrain Warriors. He said that the vehicle’s dependability is its highlight. 

“The ATW gave us the capability to get out there and back having confidence in the vehicle's build quality, ruggedness, and recovery equipment.” 

According to him, the fact that it is a self-sufficient and livable house on wheels is just a bonus. 

“All the creature comforts of home were just icing on the cake!”

As he’s an experienced overland enthusiast, it was fitting that we asked him for advice for new overlanders and travelers. 

“If you are thinking of doing something similar then do it while you can and do it to the best of your ability. Life is short LIVE IT!”, Pancake exclaimed.”

We also inquired about his future plans with the truck but It seems like this is the end of his traveling days. This is because the couple has finally found the beautiful home that they were looking for. 

“We are not considering any other overland vehicles at this time. We found a perfect mountain ranch surrounded by pines with views for 100 miles!”


Mitsubishi overland truck 4x4


About the vehicle

The vehicle Pancake’s talking about is a 2015 Mitsubishi Fuso that has been modified for adventuring by All Terrain Warriors. It is a beastly expedition truck that comes with a 3-liter engine by Mercedes that makes 161 hp and 295 lb-ft.  

The truck features a full-time 4-wheel-drive system with high- and low-range options, plus a limited-slip rear diff. These combine with the high power output to make this truck more than capable for offroading. Of course, the inside is the real deal. 

We begin with the kitchen with all the essentials that you could want. You get a refrigerator, a stove, a sink, and 4 teak-door cabinets for storage. For dining, there’s a marine-style dinette (also made of teak wood) that has been modded with panels to convert it into a twin bunk. 

At the very end of the camper box, you get a queen-sized bed that has a storage area underneath it. Then we get to sanitation, for which you get a bathroom with a pop-up shower and porta-potty. Hot water is available in the bathroom of this ATW Mitsubishi Canter 2015. 

This overland truck can help you survive in any sort of weather. This is because you have air conditioning and a diesel heater, which help make this a comfortable truck throughout the year. You can use the accordion baffle to get to the driver’s area from the camper. 

We haven’t forgotten about the electronics on this ATW Mitsubishi Canter Fuso 2015. You get two 220Ah AGM batteries which are charged by four 100W solar panels. A Magnum 2800 inverter provides is also available for AC power. 

All you need is diesel, water, and sunlight to stay self-sufficient in a remote area. 

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