Buy a Unimog in Canada

Want a Unimog truck in Canada? Here's all you should know.

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20. Jan 2023
Buy a Unimog in Canada

A Unimog is one of the most versatile vehicles you can get. It’s especially great for overlanding purposes. Sadly, the Unimog isn’t officially sold in North American countries such as the US and Canada. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot get one there. Let’s talk about buying a Unimog in Canada.

Are Unimogs street legal in Canada?

Yes, they are street-legal in Canada. There are no special CDL laws that apply to them as they’re classified as construction vehicles in states like Ontario. Hence, you can expect a Unimog to be considered a tractor or an excavator. It is important that you know about all the Unimog types and models though. 

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Unimog for sale in Canada

It is true that the Unimog has a lot of applications in all countries but it is especially talented when it comes to Canadian soil. The Northern areas in Canada are some of the coldest in the world. Hence a Unimog with all of its offroading capabilities, plus a snowplow can do wonders there. It is truly one of the best expedition trucks that money can buy. 

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Buy a Unimog in Canada

Getting a mog in Canada is similar to getting one in the United States. You can get your Unimog imported via a registered importer to take care of everything for you. You can also take care of the entire process by yourself. However, it will become more difficult then. 

Of course, the best-case scenario is if you can find one in the used truck market. If you want one for expeditions, then you can get a standard Unimog and modify it. You’d be very lucky to get a campervan version of it in the used market. The Unimog's price will also be less. 

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