Overland Crew: Why it’s Important and How You Can Build and Train One

An expedition crew is very important for your overlanding trip. Learn all about it here, including the keys to a successful crew orientation.

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27. Feb 2023
Overland Crew: Why it’s Important and How You Can Build and Train One

Overlanding involves traveling through remote and rugged terrain for extended periods of time, often in challenging and unpredictable conditions. This means that the going can get really tough and you don’t want to be alone when that happens. 

Having a crew can help ensure the safety of all members of the expedition. It provides support and assistance in case of emergencies. It also helps with the logistics of navigating and maintaining the vehicle and equipment. In short, the more, the merrier.

Here’s what you must know about having a crew on your custom-built off-road truck:

Why you’d want an Expedition Crew

There are two main reasons why an overland crew is recommended:

You get extra help

A crew can also bring a range of skills and expertise to the expedition. These include essential knowings such as mechanical knowledge, navigation skills, cooking and camping skills, and medical training. Everyone brings something to the table, which improves overall convenience.

It’s more fun

Additionally, having a crew can enhance the overall experience of the expedition, as it can provide opportunities for socializing, sharing experiences and knowledge, and building camaraderie. Hence, even overlanding with your significant other and children can be a blast. 

It’s so fun in fact that there’s a reality TV show documenting such travels.

Crew Orientation Essentials: How to pick an Overland Crew

Too many cooks spoil the broth. Hence, the size and composition of the crew will depend on various factors. You must consider the size of the overland adventure truck plus the length and difficulty of the expedition. The skills and resources of the individual members are also a factor.

Preparing a crew for an overlanding expedition involves several key steps:

Defining the expedition

You first need to know what kind of trip you’re taking. You must clearly define the goals, scope, and itinerary of the expedition. Single out any specific requirements or challenges that may be involved. This will help you identify the necessary skills and resources needed for the crew.

Recruiting crew members

Reach out to potential crew members who have the necessary skills and experience for the expedition. Consider the personalities and dynamics of the crew. This means their ability to work collaboratively and adapt to challenging conditions. 

Training and preparing them

You need to provide training and resources to help the crew prepare for the expedition. This starts with the pre-trip vehicle inspection, cleaning, and maintenance. Navigation and communication protocols are also important. 

The same goes for first aid and emergency response training. You also need to pack and organize equipment and supplies, like the top 10 overlanding essentials. All of the above can be done through group training sessions or individual coaching. 

You can ask the members to educate each other on their expert subjects. 

Fostering communication

Skills won’t do you any good if there’s no chemistry between the crew members. This is why it’s imperative that you encourage open communication and build trust among the crew. This can be done through team-building exercises and social activities. 

Establish clear roles and responsibilities for each crew member. This can and should help encourage a sense of shared responsibility for the success of the expedition. 

Developing a contingency plan

Prepare for unexpected events by developing a contingency plan. This should outline potential risks and emergency response protocols. This should include procedures for handling medical emergencies, vehicle breakdowns, or other unforeseen circumstances.


It's important to carefully consider these factors when assembling a crew for an overlanding expedition. By following these steps, you can prepare a crew that is well-equipped and ready to handle the challenges of an overlanding expedition.

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