Custom Vs. Pre-Built: Pros and Cons for Your Expedition Vehicle

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28. Mar 2024
Custom Vs. Pre-Built: Pros and Cons for Your Expedition Vehicle


Owning a vehicle can come with loads of benefits, especially if you live in an area where the public transportation system is inefficient or infrequent. While being the owner of an expedition vehicle can be a status symbol for some, for others, it is actually a way to move around with flexibility so that you do not have to depend on others to do things. This holds especially true if you have wanderlust and you yearn to explore novel places on long road trips.

If you’ve been thinking of getting yourself a new set of wheels, you must take a number of things into consideration. One of the first and foremost factors is whether to buy a custom or a pre-built car. Both alternatives come with their own advantages and disadvantages.

In this blog, we shed some light on the pros and cons of each and also suggest a few vehicles that are worth considering for your next overland adventure. Regardless of whether you are a seasoned overlander or new to the scene, we are sure you will be able to make a good choice after you are through reading this blog.

What are Custom Expedition Vehicles?

Customising a vehicle is creating something unique and tailored, as well as beautiful. No two personalised vehicles are the same. This is why it's difficult to say exactly what a custom vehicle entails. The price depends mainly on the vehicle and the material used. There is no standard price for high-quality, professional customisation. It's like commissioning a work of art. So, the price may vary considerably and will depend on the specifications you provide.

In addition, a custom car has been modified and adapted to its owner’s specific preferences and needs. This could involve changes to the design and performance, interior and exterior features, as well as any other customisation desired. In short, it's like having a unique and exclusive car that represents you. 


       1. Greater satisfaction when driving a unique and personalised car

Have you ever dreamed of having a car that reflects your personality and unique style? Customising a new car can turn that dream into reality. There is nothing like getting behind the wheel of a car that has been custom-designed according to your tastes and preferences. Personalisation allows you to add details that make you feel special and different from other drivers.

Customising a new vehicle is not only about aesthetics; it also involves improving the functionality and comfort of the automobile. You can choose everything from the body colour to the interior details, such as the seats, steering wheel and audio systems. You can even incorporate cutting-edge technology, such as touch screens, GPS navigation systems, and security cameras. Customisation allows you to adapt the car to your individual needs and preferences.

A custom-built vehicle can also be a way to stand out on the road. With so many of the same vehicles on the streets, customising yours allows you to do something different and attract attention. You can add unique elements, such as decorative vinyl, custom wheels or LED lights, that will make your vehicle stand out from the crowd. Additionally, as it is unique, you are less likely to confuse it with other similar vehicles.

        2. Increase in vehicle resale value

One of the most compelling reasons to customise a new car is to increase its resale value. By adding modifications and improvements, you are increasing its appeal and exclusivity, which can result in a higher value when you decide to sell it in the future. Potential buyers will be willing to pay more for a customised car because they perceive it to be unique and special.

Additionally, getting a custom-built vehicle can help keep it in better condition over time. By installing high-quality components and making performance upgrades, you're ensuring your vehicle stays in top condition, which can also impact its resale value. Buyers will be willing to pay a higher price for a car that has been well cared for and has quality upgrades.

In addition to personal satisfaction, customising an expedition vehicle can have financial benefits. Although it can increase the initial price of the vehicle, it can also increase its resale value. A customised, well-maintained vehicle can be more attractive to potential buyers, allowing you to recoup some of the investment made in customisation.

Whether you prefer an elegant and sophisticated style, or a more daring and striking one, customisation allows you to create a car that suits you. Plus, in a world where all new vehicles seem to be the same, having a customised one allows you to stand out and attract attention. It is essentially a way to distinguish yourself and show your individuality through your car.


       1. Breakdowns

Many of the mechanical modifications that are needed in a custom-built vehicle have consequences that someone inexperienced can overlook. The clearest example is the reprogramming of the control unit, which if carried out by someone who is not thorough with the job, could end up being a disaster in the future. Breakdowns might become a common thing for you and no car owner wants that.

       2. Price

Although the investment in customising a vehicle could end up rewarding you in the future if you consider selling it, the initial cost could be a bit steep. Hence, it is important to weigh all the pros and cons and check if you have the budget to go through with a custom-built vehicle for your upcoming overland adventures. 

What are Pre-Built Expedition Vehicles?

A pre-built vehicle is put together in modules, shipped, and then assembled at the desired location. Contrary to custom-built vehicles, these are standard cars that have been built by the company without any personalisation or customisation by owners.


      1. No customisation stress

The best thing about pre-built expedition vehicles is that you do not have to worry about getting them personalised. Most car owners care little to nothing about getting a vehicle custom-built as opposed to enthusiasts for whom it is often an exciting challenge. That said, if you can’t be bothered with customising your vehicle or the process seems quite complex to you, then going with a pre-built one is probably the best choice for you.

       2. You can get your hands on a pre-built car faster than a custom-built one

We live in an ever-evolving world where everything is rapid and convenience-oriented. Most people do not have the patience to wait around for a car to be customised according to a set of precise specifications. Also, delays are inevitable when it comes to custom-built vehicles as there is quite a bit of paperwork involved in addition to a longer turnaround time for the delivery of the vehicle. All these issues can be avoided if you just go for a pre-built vehicle that meets most of your requirements. So, if you are in a hurry and don’t want to wait to get your wheels, pre-built vehicles are the best option.

        3. You can check out the available options online or at the nearest store of a car dealer

As mentioned above, technology is constantly developing and most car dealers try to make use of it to stay on top of their game. So, it can stand you in good stead to check out the different car dealer websites online like ours or visit a store near you so that you can make sure you get exactly what you need. Unfortunately, this is not the case if you want a custom-built vehicle because you will have to wait to see the final product. After all, the process of customisation can take a bit of time. 


      1. The designs might not fit your precise needs.

A major problem with pre-built vehicles is that they are standard builds and might not suit an individual with precise needs regarding the specifications of a vehicle. For example, you might find that the pre-built vehicle does not provide sufficient storage for all your gear. If this specification is a priority for you, you might be better off going for a custom-built car.

       2. The aesthetics of the vehicle could be different to your expectations.

Another hurdle in buying a pre-built vehicle might be its aesthetics. The interior colours of most pre-built vehicles are fixed and you do not get a lot of choice regarding their design either. Although some models might have slightly different colours, it is mostly shades of brown or beige that you will be stuck with. Hence, if that is an important consideration when buying a vehicle, you might want to get yours personalised.

Recommendations for Your Next Expedition Vehicle

At Expedition Meister, we offer adventure and overlanding lovers several attractive options when it comes to expedition vehicles. We talk about three of our most loved automobiles below and what they can offer you:

       1. Toyota Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a large off-road vehicle, produced by the Japanese manufacturer Toyota. It is a pure and simple all-terrain vehicle in terms of approach, also offering many possibilities as a versatile and family vehicle. The Land Cruiser is conceived as a true all-terrain vehicle, and that is why it is off-road where it offers its best. It comes with a driving assistant that improves its progress on any surface and condition by relying on the traction control, the brakes and the powertrain. All this is complemented by descent control, a peripheral vision system optimised for off-road, specific driving modes for 4×4 and the possibility of installing a disconnectable front stabiliser. All in all, it is a solid and dependable vehicle that you can check out on our website. 

       2. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Van

Sprinter Cargo Van is available in four length variants and with different height options, making it THE solution for your transportation needs. This set of wheels is captivating and attractive and was created to maintain the essence that characterises Mercedes-Benz vehicle vans. Its functional and aerodynamic design makes the Sprinter a great companion to get any job done efficiently and competently. This is another reliable option for your next expedition.

        3. Ford SUV Overland

The great off-road capacity and the spectacular design, technology and comfort elements of the Ford SUV Overland will allow you to have wonderful family experiences and make the most extraordinary adventures in nature come true. Designed for off-road routes, this extraordinary vehicle has specific features for off-road that deliver the power necessary to take you and your family to explore the most spectacular landscapes. This automobile offers a total comfort experience, allowing you to enjoy each route to the fullest.


When all is said and done, purchasing a custom-made or a pre-built expedition vehicle is a very personal choice. It depends on the individual needs and preferences of each of you and on what you seek in an automobile in the long run. In any case, now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of both options, you can make a well-informed decision about your next purchase. It is noteworthy that buying a vehicle is usually a once-in-a-lifetime thing (unless you can afford to change cars frequently), hence, you must weigh the pros and cons of both alternatives carefully before you make a choice.

You can also consider choosing from our wide range of vehicles here at Expedition Meister where we make sure that our customers get value for money and the best shopping experience. We are also more than happy to offer advice to our clients if they are confused about the type of vehicle they seek for their future road journeys. Get in touch with us if you’d like to know more about what we have to offer and good luck with your purchase!



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