The 5 Different Types of Caravans Available Today

Thinking of buying a caravan? Here are the 5 different types of caravans you can choose from.

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3. Apr 2023
The 5 Different Types of Caravans Available Today

Caravans are excellent for overlanders and are the oldest form of overland adventure vehicles. They are more than just portable houses; they can provide the experience of a lifetime. With that, one should know about the various types of caravans on the market. 

The following tells you all you need to know:

Types of Caravans 1: Conventional caravans

We begin with the standard or conventional caravan, which is also known as a travel trailer. These boxes on wheels come with a hitch and are designed to be towed by a vehicle. These overland vehicles can be found in a range of sizes and styles.

As a result, there’s something for each budget. Thrifters will love the small and lightweight models with all the basics. Those with deeper pockets can opt for the larger, luxurious villas on wheels. 

Types of Caravans 2: Pop-Up Caravans

Space is an issue in many caravans and this is why pop-up variants exist. Many like to call them fold-out campers or tent trailers. These are even lighter and more compact than their conventional siblings. They can be collapsed down to a small size for easy towing.

Once you’ve decided to stop and set up camp, you can just expand them, turning them into a full-size living space. These are probably the most affordable option for those who like to go on an overlanding adventure without having to sell a kidney to fund it. 

Types of Caravans 3: Fifth-Wheel Caravans

Every single overland adventure vehicle type has premium versions and fifth-wheel caravans are the ones in this case. These provide you with the comfort of your home as they feature kitchens, bathrooms, dinettes, and bedrooms. 

The catch is that you may not be able to pull them with your regular sedan/saloon car since they’re a bit heavier and difficult to maneuver. You’ll probably need a pickup truck or SUV with a decent towing capacity. Still, you can live in them for a longer time without getting cramped up. 

Types of Caravans 4: Camper Trailers

These are also called tent trailers and are quite compact like pop-up caravans. They’re quite primitive as they are trailers with a tent attached to them. The setup helps keeps the weight and the costs down, allowing you to travel extremely light. 

The convenience is also there as not only are these easy to tow around but they can also be set up pretty easily. The result is a quick and efficient journey – mind you that the safety factor may be compromised. 

Types of Caravans 5: Self-Propelled Caravans

Contrary to what many know, motorhomes are self-contained caravans. These are the most versatile on this list and are also the biggest here. These come with an engine and a cockpit and can be driven anywhere – meaning you’re completely independent to travel. 

This means that they can come with a lot of goodies which include all the basics, plus niceties like a living room, a small garage, and more. They’re classified as Class A and B motorhomes. Both have basic and ultra-premium versions – so overlanding is for every budget out there. 


We’ve looked at the different types of caravans which are classified in terms of weight, amenities, cost, and body type. All of them contain living arrangements and can be towed via your vehicle wherever you need to go. 

Once you’ve found a nice spot, you can just set up camp. If you’ve got a self-propelled caravan or a motorhome, you get even more freedom. 

To start embarking on motorhome adventures, check out our best motorhomes, off-road travel vans, and caravans here:


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