Expedition Truck Axles – 2 vs 3 vs 4 Axles

2 vs 3 vs 4 Axles - who gets the win here?

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13. Jun 2022
Expedition Truck Axles – 2 vs 3 vs 4 Axles

Trucks are engineering masterpieces not just because of how durable they are, but also because of how many types of them exist. Between the different types of chassis and truck beds, the number of axles is also the subject of discussion. Truck axles are an important topic when heavy payloads are considered.

This is the case in overlanding, where you’re essentially loading the truck with a house on top of it. The general concept is that more axles (which means more wheels) add to the truck’s stability. So by that logic – are 4 axle trucks the best then? Let’s find out.

2 Axle Trucks

We begin with the industrial standard and the choice for most overlanders. A two-axle truck is preferred for a multitude of reasons. One of them is the price factor and the another is that it is just easier on the owner. But why is this the case?

Well, 2 axle trucks are lighter and this is why they consume less fuel. They’re also shorter in length so they’re more maneuverable. When you go overlanding, you won’t just be on the trail 24/7. You’ll have to pull into town at some point as well.

You won’t just be paying for the extra axles and fuel on the 3 and 4 axle trucks. You’ll be paying more for the maintenance costs due to the greater number of diffs, driveshafts, hubs, etc. Yes, the tire costs are a whole different story.

3 Axle Trucks

Now we move onto the 6x6 trucks, aka the 3 axle trucks. The most popular 6x6 off road truck is the Mercedes G-Class 6x6. However, before the 6x6 G-Wagon existed, the Mercedes Unimog was killing it with 3 axles. So, how does a three-axle truck fare up?

Well, it does offer advantages as far as performance is concerned. 3 axle trucks overshadow their 2 axle counterparts when it comes to carrying higher payloads. They’re also better at going offroad due to a better weight distribution.

The 6x6 vehicles are also better on the roadways. This is because of the extra tires which provide the truck with added traction. Hence you will have to worry less about any sort of slippage or hydroplaning. These trucks are more stable no matter how you put it.

4 Axle Trucks

So, how does a four-axle truck fare in the world of dirt eating expeditions? It is a fact that 4 axle trucks are better than the best 6x6 truck out there. The reasons for this have been mentioned above. These trucks have more axles, more tires and components and a better weight distribution.

This makes them better for overlanding as they’re better offroad and they’re better at carrying heavy loads. But while the greater stability is obviously desired, these trucks are badass when it comes to aestheticism. They truly stand out in traffic and their eye-catchiness is a bonus.


So, which truck do you go for? Well, all three expedition truck types have their advantages. The 2 axle trucks are the best for those travelling with lower budgets. They require less maintenance and fuel costs. They’re also easier to drive.

An 6x6 truck for sale adds an axle and two more wheels to the mix. It increases the performance of the truck and makes it more stable. It is more expensive to own and if you’re willing to spend even more, you can get an 8x8 truck.

So, if it is about money (and peace of mind), you should get a 4x4 expedition truck. If you want to go overkill, then you can go for the extra axles – you’ll love them on the trail.


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