Ford Transit vs Mercedes Sprinter – Battle of the Best Camper Vans

We put two of the best camper vans to the test once more. It is the Ford Transit vs Mercedes Sprinter battle and there can only be one winner.

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5. Dec 2022
Ford Transit vs Mercedes Sprinter – Battle of the Best Camper Vans

Whether you live in Europe or North America, the Ford Transit is considered by many to be the undisputed king of campervans. It is an all-rounder with quite a reputation for dependability. This is why it makes an excellent camper. However, you also have another popular campervan – the Mercedes Sprinter. So, who wins the Ford Transit vs Mercedes Sprinter battle? Let’s find out.

Ford Transit vs Mercedes Sprinter: Powertrain 

We start with the power plants underneath these vehicles. We start with the Transit which sports a variety of engines ranging from 2.0- to 3.5-liter ones, offering between 4- and 6-cylinder engines. These are available in gasoline/petrol and diesel options, but you don’t get the manual gearbox everywhere. You can choose between front- and all-wheel drive. 

At the same time, the Mercedes offers a similar range of engines when it comes to displacement. It still offers you a manual gearbox and the drivetrains offered are also similar. However, its engines are a lot less modern than the Ford’s, plus there’s a smaller variety of diesel ones. 

It should be noted that electric versions of both these vans are available depending on where you live. 

Ford Transit vs Mercedes Sprinter: Numbers


The Transit is the obvious choice for more power. Its top model gives out 275 hp while none of the Sprinter models even make it past 200 hp. The Sprinter also lost to the Iveco Daily here:


The Merc Sprinter pulls one back here with its maximum towing capacity of 7500 pounds as opposed to the Ford Transit which can do up to a respectable 6500 pounds. If you’re going to be trailering, you know which one to pick then. 


Unless you opt for the Transit Connect van, you’ll be struggling with around 16 mpg in your Ford Transit campervan. Still, it is better than the Sprinter with its 14 mpg average. 

Ford Transit vs Mercedes Sprinter: Interior 

Both of these vans have good interiors with a lot of amenities. Mercedes has superior build quality while Ford has better systems and a more handsome design. Due to the latter’s higher level of modernization and comfort, we’ll have to pick it. 

Ford Transit vs Mercedes Sprinter: Driving 

It is all about athleticism when it comes to driving a campervan. This is why the Transit is the winner here since it is more powerful and this translates well when you’re offroading. The ride quality of the Sprinter is better on the tarmac, but the Transit is no slouch either. 

Ford Transit vs Mercedes Sprinter: Reliability 

Both of these vehicles are built well but the Ford Transit should do better after a couple of years. Ford parts are also cheaper and you can find them more readily, no matter where you are. The Merc will need more maintenance to keep it in shape.

Ford Transit vs Mercedes Sprinter: Pricing 

Both of these vans start at about $45k, but the Transit is pricier when you opt for the top-spec model – at about $27k more. Either way, both of them are expensive when you look at the Iveco Daily. Going to buy used? The Merc will be cheaper as the Transit proudly holds its value better. 

Ford Transit vs Mercedes Sprinter: Verdict  

In the end, it is the mighty Ford Transit that picks up the win here. The Merc is better in terms of its towing capacity, build quality, and lower pricing. However, the Transit offers more diverse engine options, is more powerful, consumes less fuel, is more reliable, and will serve you better on the trail. This is why you need to get yourself a Ford Transit camper now.


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