GXV Patagonia – Luxury and High Performance Personified

Check out how good the $700k GXV Patagonia is in this review.

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30. Dec 2022
GXV Patagonia – Luxury and High Performance Personified

The Global Expedition Vehicles Patagonia, aka the GXV Patagonia, is a premium living truck. It is hence a pricey option if you’re looking for an overland truck. But many say that it lives up to its invoice. You’re going to want to hear about this GEV Adventure truck. The following is its review:

Truck Options

All the high-end expedition trucks are built on powerful trucks with powerful engine options. The Patagonia from Global Expedition Vehicles is available with the following truck brands: 

  • Kenworth
  • International
  • Freightliner
  • BAE
  • Mercedes

All the trucks available come with a medium-duty chassis. 


This Global Expedition truck comes with all the goodies that you could possibly want. The length sizes vary from 17 to 27 feet. You get dual-paned glass windows which keep the cabin quiet and comfy, no matter the weather outside. 

Like the other Global Expedition Vehicles, this truck features an awesome kitchen. You get an induction cooktop, a drawer fridge, and a microwave. You can add the optional outdoor kitchen if you like BBQ. 

The bedroom contains a queen-size bed (upgradable to a bunk bed). There’s also a wet bath with a cassette kitchen’ you can upgrade to a dry bath that has a separate shower. The dining area is super comfortable and eye-pleasing.

There’s a freshwater tank which is always a blessing in living trucks and all the other big motorhomes. Along with all that, you get a diesel generator, solar panels, air-conditioning, and an exhaust fan (w/rain sensor). 

There’s a lot of storage available in the camper box. For example, there are storage compartments fitted to the body panels. You also get a storage area under the bed. Additionally, they’ve squared the rear of the camper to increase the cargo capabilities. 

All the Global Expedition Vehicles sport interiors with stellar HVAC and plumbing.

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On the outside, this truck looks like it just came out of the Mad Max movies. It is lifted up and comes with thick tires, no matter which truck brand you opt for. There are LEDs on the outside for maximum visibility. You can upgrade to get an aluminum storage box on the roof. 

You can add a storage area for a bike or an ATV; a small garage of sorts. There are also some personalization options available for the camper. You can paint the body to match the chassis as well as add a bunch of graphics to the body. 


As mentioned in the first paragraph, this is certainly not a truck for frugal spenders. The base price of this truck mentioned on the GXV Expedition vehicles website is $700k. It was mentioned at the top of our best living trucks list

Start adding up the options and you’ll be able to add tens of thousands of dollars to the price tag. This is the current price of this truck and those who’ve followed it know that there are hikes every year. For instance, the truck cost about $500k a couple of years ago. 

If you order this truck, you can expect at least a 6-month delivery time according to the GXV website. It can take all the way up to 18 months depending on how many orders the company has when you order. 

This is why you’re recommended to get your Global Adventure vehicles from Expeditionmeister. We have a whole range of used Global Expedition RVs and motorhomes that you can get for good prices. 

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