Iveco Daily FAQs – Important Iveco Daily Info to Know

Here's a bunch of Iveco Daily info that you should know about.

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19. Sep 2022
Iveco Daily FAQs – Important Iveco Daily Info to Know

Want an Iveco Daily camper? You’ve probably got a lot of questions on your mind. The following ones are the most frequently asked by online users about the Iveco Daily:

Is the Iveco Daily a 3.5 ton?

Yes, the Iveco Daily is considered a 3.5 ton. The Daily has a GVWR of 3.5 tons and this is also the same number of kilos that it can tow. Because it falls under this class, the Iveco Daily can be driven without a separate license. Of course, there are heavier-duty versions of this van that exceed this weight as well.

What gearbox is in an Iveco Daily?

You can find numerous transmission types on the Iveco Daily. On the older models, you will get 5- to 6-speed manual gearboxes. The newer models feature a 6-speed manual and an 8-speed automatic.

How much weight can an Iveco Daily carry?

The Iveco Daily is one of the toughest and most powerful vans in the world. Look around and you’ll find out that the maximum payload capacity of an Iveco Daily is around 3860 kg.

Is the Iveco Daily rear-wheel drive?

Yes, it is. The standard drive offered on the Iveco Daily is a rear-wheel drive system. However, if you want an Iveco Daily camper, you’d be better off with the Iveco Daily 4x4. If you’re buying new, then know that this is an optional drive system.

What is Iveco Daily the same as?

For the older generations, the Daily was known by a bunch of different names. Based on the region you were in, you could have an Irisbus Daily, a Fiat Daily, or even an Alfa Romeo AR8. There were some other names for it as well. Today, it is just known by its Iveco nametag.

Can you drive an Iveco Daily on a car license?

Yes, you can since it doesn’t weigh more than 3.5 tons. So, you can get an Iveco Daily, turn it into a campervan, and drive off provided that you have a car license. For the UK, you can get more info here.

Do they still make Iveco Daily 4x4?

Yes, Iveco still offers the Iveco Daily 4x4 as it is quite successful from a sales perspective. The Daily 4x4 is popular among overlanders and commercial van drivers alike due to the greater traction that it provides.

How reliable is the Iveco Daily?

It is very reliable and durable. in fact, Auto Express calls it overengineered and it says that the “Daily’s good reputation for reliability through its various generations bodes well.” This is why you’re able to find so many of these vans in Europe that are decades old with hundreds of thousands of miles on them.

Who makes Iveco Daily engines?

The Iveco Daily’s awesome engines are made by Italy’s own Fiat. The Daily has had a rather close relationship with Fiat considering that it was once sold under its nameplate. This was before the Iveco brand came about.

What can an Iveco Daily tow?

An Iveco Daily is not just a beast when it comes to the payload, it also shines when you want to haul stuff with it. An Iveco Daily van can tow up to 3500 kgs, which is its maximum rated towing capacity. This puts it among the best in its class.  

Are Iveco trucks sold in the USA?

No, Iveco trucks are not sold in the United States of America. They did have dealers back in the early 90s, but they eventually pulled out of the country. But if you want a Daily, fret not. You can simply get yours from Expeditionmeister, and have it imported to you.


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