Land Cruiser vs Range Rover: Which is better for overlanding?

Who wins the Land Cruiser vs Range Rover battle? Read to find out.

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29. Nov 2022
Land Cruiser vs Range Rover: Which is better for overlanding?

Two of the most highly-rated offroaders are the Toyota Land Cruiser and the Range Rover. The two have been around for a very long time and they’ve gotten more luxurious as time went on. So, what if you wanted one of these as a camper for overlanding? Well, the following figures out a solution for the Land Cruiser vs Range Rover problem. 

Note: We won’t be covering the two most recent generations of these SUVs due to the relatively high price tags they have. 

Land Cruiser vs Range Rover: Powertrain 

These two beasts are known well for the powerplants housed underneath their hoods. You are offered both gasoline and diesel powertrain options. It should be known that the Land Cruiser gives you a wider variety of engines overall. You can get 6- and 8-cylinder options. The second-generation Range Rover offers more in terms of diesel engines. 

You’ll obviously be interested in getting traction, and this is where the Range Rover offers full-time 4WD (only the second-gen Range Rover has AWD). Meanwhile, the Land Cruiser offers an optional 4-wheel drive system, with the standard being RWD. It is a good option when you’re not trailblazing as it saves fuel.  

The third-gen Range Rover does lose the optional manual gearbox though. 

Land Cruiser vs Range Rover: Numbers 


In terms of horses, the first two generations of the Range Rover beat the Land Cruiser, while the third one crushes it. This has to do with its bigger engine options. 


If we look at the models in the previous two decades, the towing capacity of the Range Rover is similar to the LandCruiser (3500 kg). However, the Range Rover Classic beats the LC by about 500 kgs. 


The mileage figures for these SUVs are quite similar as the more recent models tend to consume about 15 mpg while the older models do around 12 mpg. The Land Cruiser is slightly better here but as you can see, they’re definitely not recommended for low fuel costs. 


Then you have acceleration where the third-gen Range Rover gets a comfortable win over the Land Cruiser of the same era (6-7 s to 60 mph), while the older models only beat their LC counterparts by a second or two (9-10 s). 

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Land Cruiser vs Range Rover: Interior

There are two aspects to this – the first one is the spaciousness and the second one is the ruggedness. The second- and third-gen Range Rovers may have the more luxurious interiors (some call them a five-star hotel on wheels with countless amenities), but the Land Cruiser is bigger for camper purposes and more rugged for the trail. 

Land Cruiser vs Range Rover: Driving 

This is where it gets tricky as this is the strongest point of the two. It should be noted that while the Range Rover is an excellent climber and is stellar for muddy terrains, the LC is considered to be more dependable since it has fewer electronics. On the tarmac, the Range Rover is just more comfortable and provides a serene driving environment. 

Land Cruiser vs Range Rover: Price

This is where the Range Rover pulls one back since it doesn’t hold up its value as well as it is a luxury SUV. The Land Cruiser is more reliable and so it is comparatively pricier. 

Toyota Sequoia vs Land Cruiser: Verdict 

The Range Rover-Land Cruiser was a close one but simply due to the driving abilities of the Land Cruiser, we’re going to have to award it the win in this battle. The Range Rover excels in the segments of power, acceleration, pricing, and comfort. But the Land Cruiser gets the win where it matters – the durability, the mileage, and the variety of powertrain options. 

Overall, the Toyota Land Cruiser vs Range Rover debate was a close one and you’ll love both of them as overlanders. 

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