Land Rover Defender 90 vs 110 vs 130 – Which makes the best Land Rover Defender camper?

Who wins the Land Rover Defender 90 vs 110 vs 130 battle? Only one way to find out.

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4. Nov 2022
Land Rover Defender 90 vs 110 vs 130 – Which makes the best Land Rover Defender camper?

Land Rover campers are some of the best overlanding machines that money can buy. The Defender, aka the OG Land Rover, is one of the most demanded offroaders. However, when you search for a Defender camper, you come across three different models: 90, 110, and 130. But which is best? Let’s look at the Land Rover Defender 90 vs 110 vs 130 debate to find out.

Note: We will be observing the original Land Rover that was available from 1983 to 2016 since it is the choice for most overlanders; not the Land Rover Defender (L663) available from 2020 and onwards. 

Battle 1: Defender 90 vs 110

We begin this debate with the Land Rover Defender 90 vs 110 discussion. As you may be aware, these two vehicles are the first two Land Rover models in existence. They were released within months of each other, and there are a couple of differences between them. 

The major difference between the two is the length of the wheelbase. The Land Rover 90 has a wheelbase of 93mm while the 110 does a bit better with 110mm. This makes the latter roomier, so that you may pack it with more essentials for overlanding. 

As far as the maneuverability is concerned, the longer length of the wheelbase doesn’t ruin it by much if you opt for the 110. However, as the 110 was launched prior to the 90, you’ll find that its very first models will be less modern. Therefore, you’re recommended to go for the later models.

The plus side of the 90 is the better power-to-weight ratio that you’ll be getting. Plus, it will be easier to park whenever you need to take a break from the trail. However, adding that 20mm length shouldn’t be a problem for even the most careless drivers. 

So, who wins the Land Rover 90 vs 110 debate then? Well, the 110 is the clear winner here due to the better opportunities to customize it according to your needs on the trail. The 110 should be pricier but you get more value from it. Moving on. 

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Battle 2: Defender 110 vs 130

The winner of the Defender 90 vs Defender 110 debate will now face the 130. The Land Rover Defender 130 was previously known as the Land Rover 127. However, after the change of branding in 1990, it picked up the Defender nametag. 

As suggested by its name, the Defender 130 has a longer wheelbase than both of its aforementioned siblings. It is about 130mm long, making it even more useful for furnishing or storing stuff when you’re in the great outdoors. 

Combine this with a spectacular turbodiesel engine option that provides the right balance of power and efficiency, and isn’t available in the older models; you’ve got yourself quite the overlander. The only downside is that the 130 will cost you more than the other two. 

Verdict – Land Rover Defender 90 vs 110 vs 130

A Land Rover Defender 130 camper will be the best option for you. While the other two are great, the 130 has the longest wheelbase which is a better choice for overlanding as more room is often preferred. Combine this with the same engine options as the other two, and an additional TD5 engine, and you’ve clearly got the best value for money. 

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