Looking for a LandRover campervan? Here’s why a Land Rover Defender camper should be preferred 

Want a Land rover camper for sale? Try a LandRover Defender camper on for size.

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4. Nov 2022
Looking for a LandRover campervan? Here’s why a Land Rover Defender camper should be preferred 

Land Rovers are not just respected for their offroading prowess, but they also have a pedigree for trailblazing. This is because they’re the first SUV to come out of Europe. The Defender has been one of the strongest LandRover models to date. If you want a Land Rover converted to camper, you should consider a Defender camper. The following’s all you need to know:

Background behind the Land Rover Defender

Let’s start with a Land Rover Defender history lesson. It can be said that the Defender is the OG Land Rover. In fact, its original models, the Land Rover Defender 90 and 110 models are known in the used truck market as the original Land Rover Defender, or just the Land Rover. 

The LandRover Defender history goes back to 1983 as the legendary SUV was launched as a minimalistic approach to going off-tarmac. It was known as the Defender 110, and it was followed by the more compact Defender 90 and the tougher Defender 130. 

To the layman, there were a bunch of different body styles available. These were the 3- and 5-door SUVs, a 2-door pickup, and a 3-door panel truck. There was something for everybody which is why a Land Rover Defender can be an SUV or pickup truck camper. 

Over time, the Land Rover Defender became a more upscale offering. Land Rover offered more engine options and upgraded the suspension for more comfort. The company also added more amenities such as roll-up windows, high-end trim pieces, and comfier seating. 

These three models were made defunct in 1990 as the company introduced more makes. This led to them officially getting the Defender title as opposed to just Land Rover. But the highlights here were the improvements in the powertrain, including the new turbodiesel engine. 

Land Rover Defender camper 

A Land Rover Defender camper is a no-brainer due to the reliability you get. You can often spot these trucks on the road, no matter where you are – all of them are decades old and are still running. This is because they were built well and also because they’re easy to fix. 

Also, the older models are just so primitive that there’s not much that can go wrong with them. There aren’t many sophisticated gadgets and there’s nothing in them to showboat. As a result, they’re also quite light in comparison to their peers. 

The offroading abilities of these trucks are also some of the best. They are built by the same company that makes the mighty Range Rover so this is expected. These trucks have been used by militaries all over the world due to their impeccable capabilities off the road.  

Land Rover Defender campers 

Interested in getting a Land Rover Defender campervan? You’re not the only one. Generally, there are a few variants that are available in the market. Below are the models that you can expect while searching for a Land Rover Defender overland vehicle:

  • Defender 90 camper
  • Defender 110 camper
  • Defender 127 camper
  • Defender 130 camper

These models are available in various body styles for you to choose from. 

Land Rover Defender camper price

There is quite a wide price range for these beauties simply due to the various models out there. You can save money on a Land Rover pop-up tent camper from the 80s and expect it not to disappoint. Otherwise, you can also get a Defender with a shell that’s pricey. 

To find out the price range, check out the listings at Expeditionmeister here: https://expeditionmeister.com/expedition-overland-for-sale/pattern,Land+Rover+Defender


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