Get a License Plate Evaluation for Your Overland Adventure Truck

Going to buy a truck? Get a license plate evaluation for it first. Here's all you need to know.

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26. Feb 2023
Get a License Plate Evaluation for Your Overland Adventure Truck

License plate evaluation is a process of analyzing and verifying license plates. These are the unique identification numbers assigned to vehicles by government agencies. The process can be done manually or through automated systems.

Evaluating a license plate is essential whenever you’re buying an expedition truck or any car from overseas. A license plate is essential to import or export a vehicle. A vehicle is in no man’s land without a proper license plate. 

How License Plate Evaluation works

Thinking of importing an overland vehicle? Well, remember that it is necessary to register your new vehicle with your local transportation authorities. They’re going to provide you with a new license plate for your country. 

In many countries, vehicles, especially overlanders, must have a valid license plate and registration before they can be driven on public roads. This means that once the vehicle has been imported, it must go through your country’s license plate evaluation process. 

This may involve checking its compliance with local safety and emissions standards, verifying the ownership and history of the vehicle, and ensuring that the license plate is properly displayed on the vehicle. Here's how to do it in South Africa

It doesn’t matter if the overland vehicle has passed the registration test in the seller’s country. Your country’s DMV won’t rest until they’ve evaluated it by their standards. In the case of the USA, there are several differences in the requirements of different states as well. 

In some cases, it may be necessary to have the vehicle inspected and certified by a licensed mechanic or government agency before it can be registered and licensed for use on public roads. If they’re unable to pass it, then you’ll be left with a vehicle without a license plate. 

Why License Plate Evaluation is important

Let’s say that you find the ideal budget overland truck. It has everything that you’re looking for, and more. However, it is in a different country, possibly on another continent. This means that the rules and regulations differ quite a lot in your regions. 

As a result, you’ll have to strenuously get the legality of the vehicle inspected. This can be quite a headache considering that the vehicle could be very far from your region. You won’t have an understanding of the seller’s country’s laws – there could be a huge language barrier. 

This could apply to the seller as well. They won’t know how the transportation department in your country works either. The issue can be even greater for a custom overland truck. This is because these trucks are harder to register than mass-produced ones. 

As a result, there are some owners who drive around in and are selling illegal trucks. They are unable to register their custom-built off-road truck or they don’t bother with the registration process at all. If you don’t identify such a truck, it can be a big loss if you’ve already paid for it.

Do this before buying an Expedition Truck

We’ve established that license plate evaluation is a serious matter. So, once you select an overland adventure truck, you should refrain from visiting it if it’s far away. Try to get as much info as you can about its license plate and registration. 

There’s a good chance that the seller’s country has an online portal for verifying the registration details. Simply get the registration number from the current owner and cross-check it with their country’s portal. Grab any info that you can from their road authority’s helpline or website. 

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