Overland Adventure Concepts (OAC) - Combining Passion with Experience

Discover the ultimate modular overland vehicle solution with Overland Adventure Concepts (OAC). With a passion for overland travel and 40 years of camping experience, OAC offers durable, functional, and customizable vehicles to handle any terrain and situation.

27. Apr 2023
Overland Adventure Concepts (OAC) - Combining Passion with Experience

Expeditionmeister is proud to announce that OAC has joined the family.

What motivates a team to venture into the overland industry? For the folks at Overland Adventure Concepts (OAC), it’s a passion for off-road, camping, and overland travel, coupled with 40 years of camping experience among their team.

What sets OAC apart from others in the market is their modular concept approach. Their vehicles are available in a 95% ready-to-explore status, meaning that you can hit the road and start your adventure with minimal setup time. OAC also offers heavy-duty hydraulic rear carriers capable of carrying up to 1.6 tons of payload and patented height-adjustable trailer hitches. With OAC, you get a fully customizable and modular overland vehicle that can handle any terrain and situation.

OAC takes pride in using only yacht or home building products, instead of camper equipment, in their builds. This approach ensures a high-quality finish and durability that can withstand rough conditions. They recently completed two Arocs 6x6 builds and have an Arocs 4x4 scheduled to be ready in September. Furthermore, a new Arocs 6x6 chassis is already delivered, and the cabin and floatplane can be built or changed according to a quick decision customer's needs by July.

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OAC combines passion and experience with a modular approach to offer customers a vehicle that is durable, functional, and ready to take on any challenge.

As a verified partner of Expeditionmeister, OAC provides a valuable resource for individuals looking for reliable and reputable companies to work with in the overland industry. With their innovative approach and quality products, OAC is undoubtedly a top choice for any overlander seeking to hit the road and explore.


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