Exploring the Wilderness in Style: A Look at Oliver Klink's Customized 2016 Ford F550

Experience the Ultimate Overlanding Adventure in the 2016 Ford F550 Super Duty: A Customized Crewcab with Powerful Off-Road Capabilities and All the Comforts of Home.

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9. Jan 2023
Exploring the Wilderness in Style: A Look at Oliver Klink's Customized 2016 Ford F550

The Ford Super Duty is relatively fun-sized when you compare it to larger commercial trucks. However, it is more than capable of being a healthy substitute for them. It is an excellent application in the world of overlanding as well. Take this 2016 Ford F550 for example. 

Owned by Oliver Klink, it is the 2016 F550 ‘Adrift’ that’s featured here. It is a F550 XLT with a crewcab configuration, that’s modified for adventuring. Klink bought it as a second-hand truck for his photgraphing adventures. 

This truck is available for sale in California, and in this interview, Klink told us all about it. 

Luxurious expedition ford for sale


The background

We talked to Oliver Klink who has listed this vehicle on the Expeditionmeister overland exchange platform. He is an award-winning photographer who has worked with reknowned media such as National Geographic, Black & White magazine, the DailyMail, FeatureShoot, etc. 

He talked about his journey with us: “I have photographed amazing places in our National Parks, BLM, and remote areas.“

He likes to travel around the world to capture amazing shots of some of the most beautiful eco-systems on the planet. To do this, his tricked out 2016 F550 is the perfect vehicle to conquer every terrain that is thrown at him. 

Klink’s latest project for which he used the truck involved traveling to photograph wild horses. 

“My focus was to capture wild horses and you can see some of the results at shorturl.at/BKTY0

He has owned the vehicle for 2.5 years now, and has taken it to all sorts of regions in the US. 

He said: “Over the last few years, I have traveled 25,000 miles in the Western and Central USA, from California to Wyoming, to Louisiana, to Texas, etc …” 

He continued: “I have enjoyed spectacular atmospheric conditions (snow storms in Colorado, sunset over the Badlands, tranquility in the Cypress swamps in Louisiana).”

About the vehicle

The 2016 Ford F550 Super Duty in question comes with a powerful 6.8-liter V10 engine. It has received custom tuning by King. This motor sends power to all four wheels, which have 41-inch offroad tires from GoodYear. 

It has other goodies for going off-tarmac such as Carli front coil springs and Deaver rear leaf springs. It also has remote reservoir shocks, in the front and the back. The truck comes with a custom subframe in order to increase its storage capabilities.

The truck has a self-sufficient design that allows you to stay for a long time at remote locations. According to the listing on Expeditionmeister, it can store up to 72 gallons of gasoline, and 90 and 40 gallons of fresh and grey water respectively. 3-stage water filtration is available. 

The power backup system is more than enough for one’s needs. You get solar panels that can provide you up to 1,300W, plus 11kW/hr batteries. There’s a 3000W inverter as well. You also get wifi and an antennae. 

Klink said that this configuration allows him to stay away from the known world for a long time. He said: “With the autonomous setup in the rig (solar and water), I have had quiet time in the wilderness for weeks at a time, returning to civilization just for gasoline. “

As seen in the pictures, the truck seems to offer everything you could possibly want in an RV. 



Regarding the kitchen, you get four induction cooktops, a microwave oven, and an electric BBQ grille. The truck comes with two sinks and freezers/fridges. The truck has three showers, and a compost toilet from Nature Head. 

We asked Klink about his favorite features of the truck and he said:

“Everything! The comfort, size of the vehicle, maneuverability, amenities (electric BBQ, showers, toilets), and the electric power to process images on a large monitor, run the microwave, and cook at the same time.”

This 2016 Ford F550 has been maintained quite well and all the fluids are in order. Klink has also made it clear that you can just drive off in it, without having to fix anything. 

“When I purchased the unit, it took 6 months to troubleshoot the kinks from the previous owner, as he never used the rig. Every time I can, I travel in this rig, so it is ready to go! Pack your bag, get on the road, and enjoy the adventure you have been dreaming about.”

Regarding his future plans, he said: 

“As a professional photographer, I have returned to my normal international travel schedule (traveling 7 to 8 months of the year). The next time I can take an extended break, my plan is to travel to Labrador and Newfoundland to witness the Iceberg alley. Giant icebergs coming from Greenland float south to remote coves.” 

Get Oliver Klink’s awesome 2016 Ford F550 for sale here: https://expeditionmeister.com/expedition-trucks/other-off-road-trucks/2016-ford-f550-crew-cab-xlt-package-4x4-6-8l-gasoline-v10-i35

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