Single Axle vs Double Axle Trailer - Which Is Better?

Which is better, a trailer with one or two axles? Time to find out.

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11. Jul 2022
Single Axle vs Double Axle Trailer - Which Is Better?

Trailering is a big part of overlanding, otherwise, we wouldn’t have caravans. It should be noted that the two major types are the single and double axle ones. Hence there is a single axle vs double axle travel trailer debate amongst haulers. However, the advantages of these trailers don’t narrow down to which one has more axles. 

The following is all you need to know about the pros and cons of single vs double axle travel trailers:

Single Axle Trailer Pros 

We start the single axle trailer vs double axle debacle by discussing the features of the former:

Lesser Costs

A trailer with a single axle should be easier on your wallet. It will also be cheaper to maintain due to fewer parts such as tires and bearings. You can also expect lesser fuel costs as the trailer will be lighter and your vehicle won’t have to work as hard. 

More Maneuverability 

This kind of trailer will be more maneuverable due to its comparitively shorter length. It will hence be easy to haul in narrower areas and easier to park as well.

Double or Tandem Axle Trailer Pros 

Next up on the single axle vs double axle debate is the double axled trailer. Below are its advantages:

Greater Weight Capacity

This is the main reason that people tend to go for these trailers. Due to the extra axle, these trailers are more rigid and the weight is distributed better as well. As a result, they can be loaded like there’s no tomorrow, offering up to tons in GVR. 

More Stability 

Let’s face it driving while hauling a trailer is not a piece of cake. You need to protect many things and the inexperienced person may not be able to handle it. Double axled trailers make your life easier by being more stable at high speeds, on long distances, and not swaying out of control.

Higher Safety

Of course, the previous paragraph does discuss some safety aspects. However, it doesn’t talk about the proper suspension on double axled trailers. These trailers don’t bounce around when you hit a rough patch of road or any potholes. They’re also safer in case you get a flat tire. 

Single Axle vs Double Axle Caravan

We’ve check out each and every single difference between a single and double axle trailer. So, how does that fit into caravans? Well, caravans are supposed to be sturdier and more stable on the road as well; so a double axled trailer will do better there. 

At the same time, a caravan on two axles will also offer you more in terms of room and storage. You can hence add more amenities to it that will improve the standards of living in it. But there might be an area or two where one axle may seem more viable. 

That should be the cost department as overlanding is something that can be done at any budget. Hence, a single axle caravan will be cheaper to buy and easier to maintain. Yes, it will be easier to store as well. 

Which Is Better, a Single or Double Axle Travel Trailer?

So, who wins the single vs double axle trailer debate? Well, a double axle trailer seems like the winner here. While both the trailers excel in various aspects, the one with the extra axle seems more competent and better at doing its job, which is hauling more. 

It can tow more and it can do it more effortlessly. This gives you more freedom to do what you want. You can also truly build something great with one if you want a caravan. And yes, it also makes the whole experience safer and comfier. 

But such a trailer does come with some cons which include difficulties in parking it and driving it around tight spaces. It is also pricier to buy and maintain. If these are your concerns, then you may fare better with a single axle trailer.


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