SLRV Adventurer – Australia’s Luxury Hotel Apartment on Wheels

The SLRV Adventurer may just be the king of four-wheel drive campers.

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30. Dec 2022
SLRV Adventurer – Australia’s Luxury Hotel Apartment on Wheels

When it comes to four-wheel drive campers, the SLRV Adventurer 4×4 is one of the first vehicles that come to mind. The Adventurer is one of the finest living trucks for sale today. It is said to have everything that you could want from a camper, at a price of course. 

The following is the SLRV Adventurer review:

Truck Options

Unlike your average custom motorhome builder, SLRV likes to utilize unique vehicles as bases. The SLRV Adventurer comes with a single-cab Isuzu NPS 75/45-155 4×4 truck. This reliable and fuel-efficient vehicle is just about spacious enough for all the essentials. Despite the company not offering a whole range here, any Isuzu trucks provide peace of mind. 


The Adventurer 4x4 is a truck whose camper is built with high-quality materials. This SLRV camper offers it all in a series of brilliant configurations. There are three different floorpans available: 

  • Fixed bed 
  • Electric bed – the bed can be lifted up when not in use, giving a whole lounge underneath it
  • Single beds – the beds are on each side and they can fold up into seats for dining

You can get a nice kitchen setup with goodies such as an induction cooktop, a microwave, a dryer/dishwasher, and an additional drawer/freezer. Furthermore, you can also equip the truck with an electric grill for outside cooking. 

The first and third configurations come with combined shower and toilet setups. If you opt for the middle floorpan, you get these amenities separately as there’s more room thanks to the bed. There’s even a vanity unit available; no wonder this setup is known as the ‘full ensuite’. 

This and every other SLRV motorhome comes with an ingenious arrangement for water supply and conservation. There are a bunch of tanks available and you can store various qualities and quantities of water in each one. As a result, you can decide which water to use and where. 

Staying on the topic of water, you get a dedicated system that stores all your clean drinking water. What’s even better is that there is a proper filtration system for your H2O. So, you can expect to purify water in a remote location, as long as there’s a source available. 

There’s another clever feature that the company is promoting. Let’s say that you’re in a city or a developed town. The truck will have a system that’ll allow you to connect your tanks to the area’s water supply for usage. There’s a diesel water heating system as well.


SLRV truly turn the Isuzu into a beast on the outside. The truck looks more badass than you could ever imagine it while in a commercial setting. They’ve raised it up with a stellar offroad suspension and fitted it with fat offroading tires and a bash guard among other things. For added performance, you get a full front diff, one of the very firsts in the game.


The SLRV Adventurer price is not for the faint-hearted. Thankfully, we don’t really know what it is as it depends upon a lot of factors. However, you can expect this to cost about $400k or more. It is a hefty sum but there are several other pricier SLRV Expedition vehicles for sale. 

Yes, SLRV Expedition vehicles cost a lot but there’s more. You’ll make the order and you’ll have to wait a couple of months for it to be delivered. It is a true custom-built masterpiece and for that, you’ll have to be patient. 

Want to know how you can save money on this truck and eliminate the waiting time? Check out Expeditionmeister for this SLRV Expedition for sale:

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