Which Are The Best Vans For Van Life? - Here Are The Top 10 Best Camper Vans Today 

The following tells you all about the 10 best vans for van life that everyone can drool over.

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23. Oct 2022
Which Are The Best Vans For Van Life? - Here Are The Top 10 Best Camper Vans Today 

Our list of the top 10 expedition trucks on sale today is one of the most popular on the internet. But what about the best vans to live in? The following tells you all about the 10 best vans for van life that everyone can drool over:

Fiat Ducato 4x4 ($350k)

The Fiat Ducato camper is built by a third-party coachbuilder and is endorsed by the company itself. Its features include its long list of amenities, an astounding powertrain, and a choice of several wheelbase options. You get a whole dining room, solar power, lots of storage, a full-sized bed, etc. This is the high-end version though, with the cheapest one priced at $48k. 

Check out how the Ducato does against the Iveco Daily here

Winnebago Revel ($196k)

It is a fact that a Winnebago van is one of the most premium offerings in the overlanding world. The 20-ft-long Revel makes this list not just because of its features (the basics plus a fridge, closet, and freshwater tank) but also because of its offroading abilities. It is based on the Mercedes Sprinter - one of the best vans for camper conversion

Airstream Interstate 19 ($191k)

This 19-ft long Airstream van is also based on the Sprinter, which is a factor in its high price. You get tons of driver’s assistance features, a lounge, the biggest bedding area in the category, along with a large flatscreen TV, and more. 

Loef Camper Van ($150k)

The salient feature of the Loef camper is the amount of room you get. It is 24 feet long with around 9 feet of headroom, allowing you to move around. The build quality is superb and you get all sorts of goodies. Plus, this van has a slide-out grille for cooking. And yes, it too is based on the Merc Sprinter.  

Thor Tellaro ($121k)

Also known as the Dodge Tellaro, if you really like the Ram ProMaster (another one of the best vans to convert) and want a premium camper, you’ll love this. It has a pop-up tent camper for extra room, along with a choice of floors, and standard niceties such as a powered awning, solar power, etc. It is 21 feet in length and can accommodate 4 people with ease. 

Pleasure-Way Tofino ($85k)

The Pleasureway Tofino is here at just 17 inches long which makes it one of the most maneuverable ones in the industry. The Tofino camper van is also based on the Ram ProMaster and it doesn’t let you compromise on any essentials as it is full of adjustable furniture. 

Doubleback VW Camper ($62k)

The Doubleback camper is not the priciest van here, but it is definitely the coolest. Normally, it is 17-feet long which makes it smaller than the aforementioned Tofino, until you pull out its 6-feet long pod. This should give you a separate bedroom area without compromising on your your interior space. A Doubleback van is one of the most innovative solutions in overlanding.

Boho Old Faithful ($45k)

If you watch Shark Tank then Boho camper vans will definitely ring a bell. These are very budget-oriented and their priciest option is the Old Faithful, based on the Ram ProMaster. Boho vans allow you to customize the entire camper based on your needs and this one is no different. You get a beautiful wooden interior that is personalized for you without breaking the bank. 

Sportsmobile Sprinter ($44.5k)

Some call it the Sportsmobile Sprinter, while others call it the Mercedes Sportsmobile; either way, they all know that it is one of the best off-roading camper vans today. It is stripped out and raised, making it one of the best overlanding machines to climb rocks with. It may not have a bathroom as it is just 12 feet long, but it does offer a pop-up tent for sleeping. 

Glampervan Promaster MUV ($42k)

The Glamper MUV is known to be a van that has and can do it all. This is an inexpensive ProMaster that can be equipped to have all the amenities that one could possibly need on a trip. Also, it doesn’t let you compromise on offroading. If your budget is tight, it is the best van to live in even if you equip it completely. 

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