Here Are the Top 10 Living Trucks for Sale Today – Best Expedition Trucks for Overlanding

Living trucks aka expedition trucks are some of the best overland vehicles that money can buy. We've ranked the best ones for you today.

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18. Jan 2023
Here Are the Top 10 Living Trucks for Sale Today – Best Expedition Trucks for Overlanding

Here Are the Top 10 Living Trucks for Sale Today – Best Expedition Trucks for Overlanding

Thinking of Overlanding with a huge budget? Well, living trucks are the finest expedition vehicles that money can buy. They have all the luxuries and amenities needed, along with the ground clearance and power for going offroad. Below are the top 10 living trucks for sale. 





1.     Top 10 Living Trucks: Global Expedition Trucks Patagonia ($700,000)

The GXV Patagonia is a 4x4 expedition vehicle that can accommodate a large family with ease. It has a restroom with a shower and a proper plumbing setup. There’s a dining area; a large kitchen with a cooktop, a sink, and a microwave. There’s a ton of storage available, plus a motorcycle garage. Check out our GXV Patagonia review as well. 

Expedition/overland truck Patagonia

2.     Top 10 Living Trucks: Earthroamer XV-HD ($1,900,000)

This f750 Earthroamer truck is 35 feet long with a choice of 6 floor plans. It has a bunk area over the cab, wardrobes, and a restroom with a shower. The kitchen has a 3-burner induction stove, a microwave, and a pantry that slides out. It has a passenger garage, cupboards, and many other storage spaces as well.

3.     Top 10 Living Trucks: SLRV Commander 8x8 ($900,000)

This Australian 28-foot beast is a tricked-out Tatra Phoenix 8x8 or a Man 8x8 expedition truck for your overlanding needs. Obviously, it has spaces for living, sleeping, dining, and hygiene. One of its selling points is that it’s made from the plushest materials on the planet.

4.     Top 10 Living Trucks: Bliss Mobil 6x6 Truck ($220,000)

This 18-ft long 6x6 overland truck is more compact but it has almost everything. Features include the bedroom, kitchen, and sitting areas. They’ve managed a smaller garage as well as lots of storage. There’s a standard version and a family one – both give you a lot to choose from.

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5.     Top 10 Living Trucks: UniMog Expedition Truck ($1,000,000)

The Unimog is a Mercedes expedition truck and it is 23 feet long. You get the usual areas for eating, sleeping, and washing, plus a cinema room. It is huge and filled with premium materials. You also get the power, the offroading ability, and all the regular Unimog gadgetry.

6.     Top 10 Living Trucks: NoRoader Expedition Truck

This Dutch six wheeled truck is also based on a Man. It is quite cozy and its interior looks like a 5-star hotel. The length is around 32 feet and you can store your ATV outside. You have all the aforementioned basic stuff and living arrangements for 4 people.

7.     Top 10 Living Trucks: Zetros Expedition Vehicle ($1,000,000)

Here’s another Mercedes expedition truck and it is a Zetros. Since it’s a premium truck, you have all the amenities and comfort. The living features are quite similar to the UniMog. A major difference is that it has a higher payload capacity so you can expect more stability.

8.     Top 10 Living Trucks: Krug Expedition Project Rhino ($338,000)

This compact South African expedition truck is based on the Mercedes Atego. It is the smallest truck here but it comes with all the basic amenities. The build quality is excellent and most importantly, a chunk of the price you pay goes to preserving the endangered Nkombe Rhino.

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9.     Top 10 Living Trucks: Range Leader Expedition Trucks

These trucks from the Netherlands are offered in 4 different sizes. They are built tough by a brand famous for building military trucks. The Range Leader 600 is the largest of the series and it’s the most comfortable as well.  

10. Top 10 Living Trucks: All Terrain Expedition Camper Trucks

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly and flexible 8x8 expedition truck, then this is it. Offered with several custom floor plans, you can customize this Australian truck with a plethora of accessories. You can truly make this Tatra truck your own.  

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These were the top 10 living trucks available today. To get your very own used expedition truck for sale by owner, check out our regularly updated listings.

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