The top 10 off-road SUVs you can buy in 2023

SUVs are more than just vehicles for soccer moms -- they're tools for overlanding as well. Here are the top 10 off-road SUVs you can buy in 2023.

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19. Mar 2023
The top 10 off-road SUVs you can buy in 2023

Off-roading is fun but it is not child’s play. This is why you need a vehicle that provides you with the best off-road performance. However, it is difficult to say which is the world’s top off-road vehicle. Each category of 4x4 has something good to offer in this regard. 

In this piece, we’ll be looking at the most off-road capable vehicles which are SUVs. This is because they offer a lot of room for occupants and stowage, along with answers for all types of off-roading. You can check out the list of the best off-roading pickups here. 

The following are the top 10 best off-road SUVs on the market right now:

Top 10 off-road SUVs: Toyota Land Cruiser (All-rounder #1)

Of course, we were going to start this list off with a vehicle that’s regarded as the off-roading GOAT – the Land Cruiser. This is a beast that combines luxury and off-roading prowess along with reliability. You get everything – power, good ground clearance, and 4x4 capabilities. 

On the inside, you get a lovely and spacious interior full of high-quality materials. There are many amenities – including safety ones. The LC isn’t available in North America anymore but you can still opt for its pricier cousin, the Lexus LX600. 

Top 10 off-road SUVs: Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler essentially started the concept of the off-road-ready SUV with the first off-road vehicle – the Willys. More than half a century later, it is still one of the biggest no-brainers when it comes to off-roading. 

You get power, the right distance from the ground, and a suspension that’ll keep everything intact. There’s an excellent 4x4 system, plus you can get removable doors and roof to turn it into a true overland adventure vehicle.  

Top 10 off-road SUVs: Nissan Armada/Patrol (All-rounder #2)

You just cannot have the Land Cruiser on a list without having its arch-rival – the Nissan Armada/Patrol – as an entry. The two dueled in our hit piece, the Land Cruiser vs Nissan Patrol battle. The Patrol/Armada is the most capable off-road vehicle available all around the world. 

This is an excellent option from Nissan that also combines off-roading capabilities with Luxury. It is large and powerful and will take you through any terrain and back. It is also super reliable like the Land Cruiser and will last you for generations. 

Top 10 off-road SUVs: Ford Bronco (Most versatile)

Here’s a vehicle that’s made one of the most successful comebacks in automotive history. The Ford Bronco was one of the first-ever 4x4 off-road SUVs in North America. Today, it has been redesigned, and there are many aspects of it that make it capable of modern off-roading.

The Bronco is quite versatile as it offers all sorts of removable components like the Wrangler. It also has stellar loading capability, including a rising roofline for storing bikes. There’s also a smaller version – the Bronco Sport – which is one of the best small off-roaders today. 

Top 10 off-road SUVs: Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep’s Grand Cherokee has been one of the best off-road midsize SUVs ever since its inception. It is built with off-roading in mind, with its Trailhawk model being catered to trailblazing. The Grand Cherokee offers a mix of powertrains, including a hybrid one. 

Jeep has also fitted it with a host of off-road assistance systems, plus many safety systems. This 7-seater off-road SUV is known for its stellar traction and its awesome air suspension that can adjust the ground clearance. 

Top 10 off-road SUVs: Mercedes G-Class (Premium option)

Next up we have the premium option – the Mercedes G-Wagon. It is the most powerful off-road vehicle here and is built from the finest materials known to man. The G-Class Mercedes is one of the three vehicles on this list that offer a V8 engine – that too has two turbos on it. 

Naturally, it oozes high performance and this applies to all terrains. This is also a car for ballers so it is quite a status symbol. You get the most systems in terms of convenience and safety, and many driving modes. As expected, you have to pay big bucks for it. 

Note: This is the only vehicle here to offer a 6x6 off-road version. 

Top 10 off-road SUVs: Chevrolet Tahoe 

Here’s the ideal off-road family SUV for you and it’s all-American. The Tahoe is famous for being an excellent hauler, but many don’t know how good it can be off-tarmac. This Chevy can be had with goodies such as skid plates, an unstoppable suspension, and great ground clearance. 

You can get it with a two-speed transfer case, which can provide you with low-range gearing for when the going gets tough. At the same time, the Tahoe is a large, luxurious, and off-road 7-seater vehicle that you can still drive your kids to school in.  

Top 10 off-road SUVs: Toyota 4Runner (Most rugged)

With this entry, we move away from all the bells and whistles that modern off-roaders come with. The Toyota 4Runner is an old-school small off-road SUV that’s available today. This is probably why it is the toughest off-road vehicle in the world right now. 

It is a rugged beast that we can rely on to deliver a spectacular ‘all off-road performance’. It is super reliable thanks to the lack of electronics. It is super easy to clean as well after you’re done with your overlanding expedition.  

Top 10 off-road SUVs: Lexus GX460

The Lexus GX460 has been around for quite a while now but it is still selling thanks to its toughness, V8 engine, and ultra-luxurious cabin. We’ve chosen it instead of the Land Cruiser Prado since the Toyota isn’t available in many markets. 

This beast is a testament to how good old school can be. It is a plush vehicle that can withstand more abuse off-tarmac than most high-end SUVs. It is powerful, commanding, and unbreakable, making it the safest off-road SUV that you just cannot ignore. 

Note: If the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is available in your region, then it’s recommended.

Top 10 off-road SUVs: Nissan Pathfinder (Budget option)

The Pathfinder may just be the most economical off-road vehicle and the most underrated SUV on this list. Despite this, it can provide you with a light 4x4 off-roading adventure. It is a well-rounded vehicle that can provide you with great winter off-roading capabilities. 

While all the Pathfinder models have the basic tools that you can require off-tarmac, its Rock Creek edition tunes it up to handle the great outdoors even better. At the very same time, it is a very comfortable, capable, and efficient SUV for driving around town.


These are some of the best off-roaders in the world today. Remember, you need to choose the vehicle that works best for you and your requirements. Your terrain also matters and so do the levels of off-roading that exist. 

We’ve also done a list of cheap off-roaders to help you pick the best used off-roading vehicles in the market today. To get the best-used vehicles for overlanding, you can check out the collection available at Expeditionmeister here:


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