Toyota FJ Cruiser vs Land Cruiser – Which Is The Better Overlander?

The two Toyota half-siblings finally clash together to find out which is the better camper.

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16. Jan 2023
Toyota FJ Cruiser vs Land Cruiser – Which Is The Better Overlander?

Toyota has a knack for making awesome 4x4s; the FJ Cruiser and Land Cruiser are testaments to that. These are two of the most sought used SUV campers for sale. But which one is better? To find out, the following is the FJ Cruiser vs Land Cruiser debate:

FJ Cruiser vs Land Cruiser: Powertrain

The Toyota FJ Cruiser has only been available for a single generation and it has offered a single 4-liter V6 (borrowed from the LC200) ever since its inception. You can find an automatic or a manual gearbox depending on the drivetrain of the vehicle. 

All of the generations of the Land Cruiser have offered a wide variety of engines. They were mostly 6-cylinder configurations though, with the LC100 and LC200 models being the only ones to offer V8s. The LC also offers diesel options and a choice of auto or manual transmissions. 

4WD and RWD are offered on both of them. 

FJ Cruiser vs Land Cruiser: Numbers


The FJ Cruiser is more powerful than all of the Land Cruiser models except for the LC200 (the V8 versions) and LC300. So, if you’re looking for more horses in the used SUV camper market, look for it. 


Looking to go trailering for the weekend? No problem. The FJ Cruiser can tow up to 5000 lbs when properly equipped. Meanwhile, the top-most towing capacity available on a Land Cruiser is around 8000 lbs, one of the best-in-class. 


This is a bad section for most full-sized SUVs, but the FJ Cruiser is exceptional here. The most recent versions of this vehicle can give you up to 21 mpg according to the EPA. Meanwhile most Land Cruisers can manage up to 14 mpg, except for the ultra-modern LC300.  


The FJ Cruiser has a better power-to-weight ratio than all the Land Cruiser models so it can comfortably do 0-60 mph in around 7 seconds. Meanwhile the LC usually takes around 2-3 seconds more. 

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FJ Cruiser vs Land Cruiser: Interior

On the inside, both these vehicles are built well. The FJ Cruiser has more primitive styling as it is a retro-styled SUV after all. The Land Cruiser is more luxurious and comfortable, as indicated by its higher invoice price. It looks better and it has more high-quality materials used in it. 

FJ Cruiser vs Land Cruiser: Driving

Both these vehicles do awesomely and some say that the FJ Cruiser feels more firm and stable. However, the LC is the undisputed king when it comes to offroading. It has more ground clearance and no blind spots. As a result of this, the Land Cruiser is just slightly better even though both of these monsters can be considered to be an equal match off-tarmac. 

FJ Cruiser vs Land Cruiser: Reliability 

As they are Toyota vehicles, the Land Cruiser and the FJ Cruiser are stellar when it comes to dependability. Even further than that, the availability of genuine Toyota parts across the globe makes maintenance and repairs much easier. This one’s a tie. 

FJ Cruiser vs Land Cruiser: Pricing

When it comes to holding value, nothing beats a Toyota off-roader. The Land Cruiser is one of the most expensive SUVs today. But if you’re really on a tight budget, you can always find a Land Cruiser camper that will suffice for your overlanding needs. The FJ Cruiser is a relatively newer model so it is kind of pricey. 

FJ Cruiser vs Land Cruiser: Verdict

So, which is better, the FJ Cruiser or the Land Cruiser? 

Well, the Land Cruiser gets a comfortable win here over its little brother. It has more diverse engine options, better amenities, a more sophisticated interior, slightly better driving, higher towing abilities, and there’s one for every budget. 

The FJ Cruiser still holds its own in all of the aforementioned categories. In fact, it wins when it comes to power, acceleration, and fuel economy. 

Either way, they’ll both make excellent SUV campers. 

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