Want A Toyota Hilux Expedition? Here Are Some FAQs

Want a Hilux expedition camper? Well, you may be making the right choice. But before buying one, check out the following Toyota Hilux information.

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1. Sep 2022
Want A Toyota Hilux Expedition? Here Are Some FAQs

Thinking of buying a Hilux expedition camper? Well, you may be making the right choice. But before buying one, check out the following Toyota Hilux information:

Why is the Toyota Hilux so popular?

There is a multitude of reasons why the Hilux is the best overland pickup. To sum them up, it is built tough, very dependable, fuel-efficient, reasonably good at off-roading, and its parts are available everywhere you look. This is why an expedition Hilux is a dream for many.

How many miles per gallon does a Toyota Hilux get?

Every generation of the Hilux has given its consumers the best mpg ratings for its time. Today’s version can give you up to 40 mpg if you pick the correct variant. If you look across the older models, 18-23 mpg is easily expected on average.

How long will a Hilux last?

If you maintain a Toyota Hilux well, it will easily do 300k miles without the need for any major repairs. This means that according to the average user mileage (20-30k miles annually), a Hilux should be able to do up to 15 years with relative ease before a major overhaul.

Where is the Toyota Hilux made?

The Hilux has been manufactured in a number of different countries over the years. The list includes Thailand, Japan, Pakistan, Venezuela, Argentina, India, and Columbia. Even Germany and USA made some older models. Your Toyota Hilux could have been made in one of these countries.

Is Hilux the same as Tacoma?

No, hardly. The Hilux falls into the mid-size pickup truck category, rivaling trucks such as the Ford Ranger, Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon, and Isuzu D-Max. Meanwhile, the Tacoma is a full-sized pickup that rivals the Ford F150, Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, and RAM 1500.

Why is the Hilux so reliable?

The answer to this has to do with Toyota’s high build quality standards which include the usage of high-quality materials and parts that aren’t very prone to failure.

What fuel does a Toyota Hilux use?

You can get a Toyota Hilux diesel or petrol/gasoline version based on your needs. If you want lots of torque at a low range and more efficiency, pick the former. If it is a high performance that you’re looking for, get the latter.

What is the engine of the Toyota Hilux?

The Hilux has been around with many engines over the years. It has featured 4-cylinder engines and 6-cylinder ones. Both of these types have been powered by petrol/gasoline or diesel.

Is Toyota Hilux a 4X4?

Yes, it is. While there isn’t usually a separate Hilux 4x4 model offered in most markets, the 4WD system is available on regular Hilux trucks. You can simply switch to it whenever it is needed.

What is the Hilux Surf?

The Hilux Surf is a small SUV that used to be based on the Hilux until it was replaced by the Toyota Fortuner in most markets. In the markets where the Fortuner isn’t available, it is known as the Toyota 4Runner. This vehicle has a reputation as a rugged offroader.

What is the Toyota Hilux price?

Currently, the Hilux is priced at around $22000 if you’re looking for a brand-new version. Older models can be found for even a quarter of this price if you look hard enough.

Why can't I buy a Toyota Hilux in the US?

It’s because they don’t make it in the US. Furthermore, finding one can be difficult due to the tax laws in the country.

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