Toyota Sequoia vs Land Cruiser – Which is bigger and better for overlanding? 

Who wins the Toyota Sequoia vs Land Cruiser debate? Read on to find out.

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27. Nov 2022
Toyota Sequoia vs Land Cruiser – Which is bigger and better for overlanding? 

The Toyota Sequoia is the biggest vehicle offered by the world’s largest automaker. In North America, it has recently oversold and replaced the mightiest of them all – the Toyota Land Cruiser. The Toyota Sequoia vs Land Cruiser debate has been ranging on for decades though. 

The following pits the two behemoths against each other for the trail:

Toyota Sequoia vs Land Cruiser: Powertrain 

Both of these monsters have had large engines over the years, fit for the trail. The Land Cruiser gets the win here as it has offered a bigger variety of engine options, no matter the generation. You could get a V6 or a V8; even its diesels are some of the best ones ever made by Toyota. 

On top of that, you also got to choose between manual and automatic gearboxes, with the former being preferable to overlanders. As far as the drivetrain is concerned, both these SUVs offer rear- and 4-wheel drive setups. 

Toyota Sequoia vs Land Cruiser: Numbers 


The Sequoia has always been more powerful than the Land Cruiser in all of its generations except the current one. The Land Cruiser 200 series still managed to catch up to it, but only in on its top-spec model. 


Both of these vehicles are excellent for towing trailers but the Land Cruiser has generally been on the longer end of the stick. Take the LC200 for example, it can tow up to 8200 pounds while its Sequoia counterpart could do up to 7400 pounds. 


As they’re full-sized SUVs, you shouldn’t expect much here. However, it should be noted that both of these vehicles are quite similar when it comes to fuel consumption. The current gens do well but the older ones won’t deliver more than 15 mpg. 


This class of vehicles isn’t known for its high accelerations either. However, you can expect decent 0-60 mph times from most of their models in the past 20 years to be in the 7- to the 9-second range. The Land Cruiser has been observed to be quicker overall. 

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Toyota Sequoia vs Land Cruiser: Interior

You can expect both of these larger-than-life vehicles to be spacious and comfortable with plenty of room for storage. However, the Toyota Sequoia is the bigger car overall so if you want more room in your SUV camper, it should be the better choice. As far as luxury and build quality is concerned, the Land Cruiser wins. 

Toyota Sequoia vs Land Cruiser: Driving 

The Land Cruiser wins here by a long shot. Sure, both of these vehicles are very commanding and quick on the road, but the Land Cruiser is more agile. And yes, it is also a lot better at offroading, which is the case whenever you compare it to anything else. 

Toyota Sequoia vs Land Cruiser: Price

This one should be a tie since both these giants hold their value pretty well. You can find a better range of cheaper Land Cruisers though. 

Toyota Sequoia vs Land Cruiser: Verdict 

So, who wins the Toyota Sequoia-Land Cruiser? Well, it would be the Land Cruiser since it is quicker, better to drive offroad, and cheaper in the used market. The Sequoia does gain some points back in terms of power and spaciousness. 

If you take apart the offroading abilities and build quality, the major difference between Sequoia and Land Cruiser is just the size. 

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