Truck Orientation –  6 Things to Do Before Buying an Overland Adventure Truck

Got an expedition truck you like? No need to rush into buying it. Do these 6 things first.

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26. Feb 2023
Truck Orientation –  6 Things to Do Before Buying an Overland Adventure Truck

Found a nice custom overland truck on Expeditionmeister? Don’t pay for it just yet! There are several things that you need to do to ensure that it is a good deal. Remember, rushing into buying an expedition truck can be a huge mistake

This is because it can either turn out to be a wreck, or it could be illegal to drive, and everything in between. Buying the wrong truck can not only be a financial disaster – it can also be dangerous when you’re on the trail. 

So, before buying a used overland vehicle, here are some things you should do:

Research the vehicle

Research the make and model of the truck you are interested in. Look for information about its reliability, common problems for the year, and maintenance costs. Check online forums and reviews from other overlanders who have used the same type of vehicle.

Yes, it's likely that you’ll fall into an endless pit of data. But you should know which info matters and is correct. If you’re new to overlanding, know that many on online forums are also at the same level. They can give out false conclusions and findings, so keep your guard up.

Verify paperwork

If everything about the make and model is good, then you need to check the vehicle's registration and title. This means that you should ensure that the vehicle is legally registered. If the truck is in a different country, do a License Plate Evaluation

You need to ensure that there are no liens or outstanding debts on it. Also, verify the seller's identity and ensure they are the legal owner of the vehicle. Check all the documents needed in their country for the truck to be legal on public roads. Ask the seller if they have them.

Inspect it thoroughly

If the vehicle has passed both the steps above, then you can go and check it out. You need to Inspect the vehicle thoroughly, including the engine, tires, suspension, brakes, and transmission. 

Look for any signs of wear and tear, rust, or damage. Check the vehicle's history report to ensure it has not been in any major accidents or suffered flood damage. Always ask for a service history report. 

Test drive it like you mean it

Then you check the drivability of the expedition vehicle, especially if it’s a budget overland truck. Take the vehicle for a test drive and pay attention to how it handles on both highways and off-road terrain. Test all the features, such as the air conditioning, heating, and electronics.

Consult an expert

Have a trusted mechanic inspect the vehicle for any mechanical problems or potential issues that you may have missed during your inspection. They can also help you determine if the vehicle is a good fit for overlanding.

There are special services that send people to do all the work for you. It’s always worth paying a third party to look at the truck since it can save you thousands of dollars down the line. 

Negotiate the price

Use your research and inspection results to negotiate the price with the seller. Be prepared to walk away if the price is too high or if there are too many issues with the vehicle. If it is a rare vehicle that’s not available in your country, then you may have to go through with it. 

By taking these steps, you can help ensure that you are making an informed decision when purchasing a used overland vehicle.

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