Unimog 1300 Expedition Camper

Want a classic Unimog as your expedition truck? The Unimog 1300 should do the trick pretty well.

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5. May 2022
Unimog 1300 Expedition Camper

The Unimog 1300 Expedition Camper – What to Expect

As discussed in the best truck for overlanding article, the Unimog is arguably the best truck to overland in. There are plenty of reasons for this, all discussed in the piece. One of the most popular Unimog trucks is the 1300 or the 1300 L though.

Produced in 1975-93, this is one of the best-selling Unimogs on the planet. It is exceptionally tough and powerful. Hence, it is not just used for truck campers, but also for firetrucks and military trucks.

The following’s all you need to know about it:

Unimog U1300 Specifications

Unimog 1300 Dimensions

The dimensions for this truck are (4.87 x 2.3 x 2.685) m, with the wheelbase being 2.81m. In comparison, the 1300L is a bit longer and taller.

Unimog 1300 Engine

The engine used in this truck is a diesel that has 6 cylinders. The various models you’ll find will produce between 118 and 123 horsepower. The one on the 1300L is slightly more powerful at 129 horsepower. The top speeds achievable are 85kph and 110 kph for the 1300 and 1300L respectively.

Unimog U1300 Towing Capacity

The towing capacity of this truck maxes out at around 7.5 metric tons. So, this is the maximum that you can haul. Meanwhile, the payload that it can carry is around 4 metric tons.

Unimog 1300 Expedition Camper

Both the versions of this truck are recommended for overlanding. The Unimog 1300L with the extended wheelbase should provide you with more room though.

To get your very own Unimog 1300 expedition camper, check out:



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