Unimog 6x6 Expedition Camper

Like 3 axles better than 2? Say no more. The Unimog 6x6 Expedition Camper is your go-to truck.

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15. May 2022
Unimog 6x6 Expedition Camper

A Unimog might be the best truck for overlanding purposes for the reasons mentioned here. This is a badass vehicle that can do it all from being a reliable offroader to being a resilient home of wheels. But what if you add another axle to it? Well, then you’d have a Unimog 6x6 expedition camper.

The following’s a brief take on this monstrosity:

Unimog 6x6


You can often find 6x6 Unimog trucks on the used market. Some of these have been built by Mercedes themselves. Others are products of small-scale engineering works. For the best build quality and reliability, you’re recommended to get the former.

One of the 6x6 Unimog trucks manufactured by Mercedes is the U2450L. This was put into production back in the late 90s (1996). It is a reliable and powerful machine which is tough as nails. But what if you need something newer?

In that case, the U5000 Unimog 6x6 is your go-to truck. You can find a slightly used version of this truck in mint condition. It is one of the most powerful mogs ever made. It also comes with all of the coolest new features that Mercedes offers nowadays.

Unimog 6x6 Expedition Camper

While a standard Unimog Camper is an excellent choice, a 6x6 Unimog camper takes everything to a whole new level. Sure, it’s heavier but you get a lot more stability and the weight of the camper shell is distributed better. It is hence quite the engineering masterpiece.

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