Unimog Price - All You Need to Know

Many questions are asked by people worldwide regarding Mogs. What is the price of a Unimog? How much should I pay for a Unimog 404? Is a Unimog 2150 really worth that much? Know it all below.

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20. Jan 2023
Unimog Price - All You Need to Know

Those price-related questions about used Mercedes-Benz Unimogs are seen everywhere. But what determines the average price for a German build truck? The simplest answer to give is what you are willing to pay for it.

Factors determining the Unimog price

  1. Location
  2. Model type
  3. Special version
  4. Features
  5. Cabin
  6. Technical condition

Factor 1: Location

On average you pay for a Unimog 404 in the Netherlands about 4000 to 5000 euro. However, these prices can also rise to 15 thousand euros. But in Germany, you soon pay 1000 euros more for the same Unimog. One way to explain this is supply and demand.

The reason why people are less likely to buy a Unimog 404 in the Netherlands is due to the high prices for benzine. This decreases the demand for a Unimog 404 which turns down the price of a vehicle compared to the same off-road truck in Germany.

Factor 2: Model type

Have a look at the prices on Expeditionmeister.com. We clearly see a big difference in price for many Unimogs that are for sale. For a Unimog 403 or a Unimog 406, the price is on average 15 thousand euros.

On the other hand, there are also expedition Unimogs for sale with a price starting at 40 thousand euros. Those Unimogs start at higher prices because they come from another model series that has been built by Daimler-Benz in Gaggenau, Germany.

U437 Unimogs are really expensive. When you have a look at Unimog models that have a longer wheelbase, the models ending with an L, are not that cheap. This again has something to do with supply and demand. The demand for Unimogs that have a longer wheelbase is based on their popularity to be used as camper Unimogs or expedition vehicles.

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Unimog model-type depends the price of a unimog
Unimog model-type depends the price of a unimog

Factor 3: Special version: Unimog Agrar & Forst

Mercedes-Benz also build Unimogs that came out not as normal but as special editions. Two common Unimog editions that are on average more expensive and thus have a higher price, are the Unimog Agrar and the Unimog Forst.

The Unimog Agrar was built for agricultural purposes and the Unimog Forst was developed for the lumberjack in the woods. These kinds of Unimog versions that are for sale and in original condition with all features complete are likely to be in the top price classes of Unimogs for sale.

Factor 4: Features: Hydraulics, PTO, Cranes & Winches

Additional features such as hydraulics, PTO, and a crane will also add up to the price of a Unimog.

Did you find 2 Unimogs for sale but with a price gap of more than 1 to 2 thousand euros/dollars? It is most likely that the more expensive used Unimog truck has extra features like a winch or a frontloader.

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Factor 5: Cabin: Doka, Convertible & Rust

Again supply and demand play a big role in the price of a Unimog that you find for sale. The Unimog Doka (double cab) is a popular edition for many people. Do you want to buy a Unimog with an extended cabin? You are not alone. Most people that are looking to buy a Unimog with a place for more than 3 persons want a Doka Unimog.

So the demand for the Doka truck is high, however, not many Unimog Doka’s were built. Mercedes-Benz only builds a few Unimogs with a double cabin to fit multiple people. Other than the original Doka Unimogs built in Germany, you can find self-built double-cab Unimogs. Basically, these are two Unimog cabins combined into one.

The same applies to convertible Unimogs. Most kinds of Unimogs with an open cabin were built for forest/forst Unimogs or the Agrar version. Some people have tried to convert their closed cabin to a convertible one but it didn’t end up that well. Make sure to buy a Unimog with a convertible cabin that was built that way by Mercedes.

Especially older Unimogs are familiar with the rust problem. A lot of Unimogs suffer from rust in common places. for instance under the headlights or at the back of the cabin of a Unimog 406 or a 421. Don’t forget to check the doors. Repairing a rusty Unimog can cost you man hours worth 1500 euros or more.

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Factor 6: Technical condition

The last thing that determines the price of a Unimog is of course the technical condition of a Unimog. Are the motor and the gearbox in working condition? Do we spot any leaking oil?

A Mercedes Unimog that is for sale and ready to be put into action is worth more than a Unimog that still needs a lot of work. Buying a vehicle that needs to be restored or is falling apart is worth less of course than a perfectly restored Unimog.

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