Unimogs for Sale in The United States

Looking for Unimogs for Sale in The United States? Here's what you should know about them.

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20. Jan 2023
Unimogs for Sale in The United States

Unimogs are one of the best all-rounder trucks available today. They can do everything from municipal and construction work to agricultural work and overlanding; plus, everything in between. But there’s a lack of Unimogs in the US. Why is that? Are there Unimogs for sale in the United States?

Are Unimogs street legal in the USA?

If they comply with the Federal motor vehicle safety standards, they are. If you import a Unimog from a European country, you can easily know this by looking at the truck’s compliance sticker. It should be compliant with the US’s emission laws.

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Why are Unimogs not sold in the US?

Well, they’re not sold anymore due to Freightliner, their OG importer, stopping the imports because of US Diesel regulations. You can still have a US-spec one imported via a licensed importer or do the process yourself, completely explained here.

Can you buy a Unimog in the United States?

Yes, you can buy a Unimog truck in the US. You’ll have to look for it because most people don’t really want to sell theirs. Otherwise, you can purchase yours while sitting in the US by just having it imported. However, it can’t be older than 25 years, it should be clean and it should comply with state laws.

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Unimogs for Sale in The United States

A Unimog can outperform any truck or tractor that is sold in the US. This is due to its toughness, power, and reliability. The newer models are quite luxurious and tech-filled as well. Hence a Unimog will be the perfect truck for your overlanding needs.

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Sell and buy used or new Mercedes-Benz Unimogs

Expeditionmeister is the place to buy a used or new Unimog. The most important thing is to find your dream type that suits your needs. Are you looking for a 404, 406 (agrar), 421 or do you want something bigger? Have a look at the U series. Find an Army U1300L, a small U1000 or buy a U1700 or a U2450.

This website functions as a marketplace where people from all over the world can sell and buy a Unimog, parts or attachments and import and export them to and from the USA.

We try to provide you with the ideal expedition vehicle but also your army or forest truck. Unimogmeister helps you to buy a Unimog in the United States and Canada.



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