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For Sale by Owners – Some Things to Know

Campers are not just recreational vehicles, they’re a way of life. Campervans are a must have for the adventurous people out there. They’re a much better alternative to tents on campsites. They’re not only safer but they have more features as well. But should you get a camper van though? And should you choose from the countless used campervans for sale by owners online?



Travel vans are a treat for any expedition you can go on. But you need to have the knowhow before getting yours. You should be aware of what they have to offer. You also need to analyze the prominent ones available in the used camper market. Thankfully, all of that is discussed in the piece below and more!



The following’s all you need to know about used camper vans for sale on the market:



What To Know About Living in A Camper?

Living in a campervan comes under the popular van life concept. On the bare minimum, camper vans are vehicles that allow you to sleep in them. These are essentially vans that come with some living accommodations in them. So, what exactly do you know about camping in vans?



What Is Classed as A Campervan?

A camper van is just a regular transporter or van that has been modified. This used to be a regular van for transporting goods and/or passengers. However, it has been converted to a campervan with arrangements for sleeping. You can also find some storage solutions inside as well, all based on the space available. If you don’t find the storage sufficient, you can add a roof rack on top of the van.


Other things that a camper van may have includes a kitchen area. Obviously, it won’t have the grandeur of an eclectic kitchen. But it should provide you with enough to cook and store meals. This means that a stove and a fridge should be the least of your expectations. To eat the meal(s) you’ve cooked, you can find a small folding table in the van. This can fulfill the minimal requirements for a dining area.


We get below to one of the most important questions.



Do Camper Vans Have Bathrooms?

The answer to this depends because the minimum requirement here is a toilet. This is based on whether your campervan comes with a tank for wastewater. A camper van can have a portable toilet; one that is connected to the aforementioned water tank or one can hold wastewater on its own. Those who buy DIY used campervans from owners can have trouble finding this utility.


As far as bathing is concerned, it is more difficult to find camper vans with any facilities. This is because these are more expensive to install and need more space. This shouldn’t be a problem though, not if you’re parked at a proper campground or campsite. Here you can find all sorts of facilities which include public restrooms and showers.



What Is Needed to Live in A Camper?

Let’s say that you decide to live in a camper van during an excursion or road trip. You’ll need to pack properly as you could be very far from home. Some important things to have include hoses for sewage and fresh water. There’s an influx of kitchen utilities and supplies including a water filter, an instant pot, a coffee maker, and utensils.


For the outside, it is imperative that you have leveling jacks, wheel chocks, a tow bar, a tire inflator, a toolbox, and sets of disposable gloves. It is always great to have a generator with you so that you can power anything electrical on your own. A fire extinguisher and a safety kit are also important to have if anything goes south. GPS and satnav systems along with SOS are some more essentials.



Can You Live in A Camper Van All Year Round?

This can be answered in two ways: physically and legally. In the physical sense, yes. You probably know that some people spend their entire lives living in transporters, trailer parks, and caravans. There are special facilities approved and built for their needs. Many people love living like nomads and they are always moving around from one campsite to the next.


In legal terms, it depends on where you are. In countries like the UK, you can legally live in a motorhome or a camper throughout the year. Whereas in the US, you can consider it your permanent residence for just 6 months. The laws in America only allow you to live in a campervan if you’re on an expedition or your house is under construction. This goes for all types of motorhomes, RVs, and campers.



Which Is Better RV Or Camper?

To answer this, you need to know what's the difference between a campervan and a motorhome. An RV is more refined and it comes with more amenities. Unlike a camper, it hasn’t been built from a regular motor van. It is part of a special class of vehicles for touring needs and all the facilities are properly divided from each other. We often use the terms motorhome and RV interchangeably.


In comparison, a campervan is smaller and the living quarters aren’t separated from the cab.



What’s The Difference Between a Class B RV and a Campervan?

Nothing to be fair. Campervans are considered to be Class B RVs and vice versa. These are smaller-sized vans that give you the best space for fewer people. They’re also the most cost-effective and easy to maintain. These campers aren’t expandable but they still offer you basic amenities and utilities such as a kitchen area, a restroom, and a sleeping area.



What Do I Need to Know Before Buying a Campervan?

Let’s say that you’re content with living in a camper van. You’ll scroll through countless website pages to find used camper vans for sale by owners. Looking online is fine but you need to know what to look for. You should know about the best campers for every type of traveler out there. The following are some FAQs that’ll help you skim easily through the most used campers for sale:



Which Camper Van Is Most Reliable?

Let’s face it, no one likes their vehicles breaking down. Having a camper van break down is even more of an issue since you could be in the middle of nowhere. This is why you need to have reliability as one of the most important checkpoints before buying new and used campers for sale by owners. So, what is the most reliable van for van life?


The simple answer is any van that has been built by a renowned coachbuilder. This includes vans built by Coachmen, Winnebago, Boho Camper Vans, etc. Or, any conversion van that has a reputation for being reliable from the get-go. This includes vans by brands such as Toyota, Ford, Mercedes, and more. However, you should be aware that the previous owner’s usage patterns and low-mileage also affect reliability. Hence you should check out our campervan buying guide.



What Is the Smallest Campervan with A Toilet?

Size and maneuverability are factors along with a buyer’s budget, but toilets can be just as important. Having a toilet in your camper van is a blessing for those that have no access to public restrooms. This is why everyone looking for used camper vans by owners looking for the best of all these worlds. So, what's the smallest campervan with a toilet?


The answer to this is the Airstream Interstate, cleverly identified by Motor Biscuit. It is a Class B camper based on the world-class Mercedes Sprinter. This van is the smallest one that features a small bathroom in case you’re uncomfortable using ones on campgrounds. The Carado Bevel and the Winnebago Revel are two more affordable campervans to satisfy your needs.



What Is the Safest Camper Van?

While it is important that you don’t break down, it is just as important that you don’t crash. This means that your used or pre-owned vans should have driver-assist features. These vans fall into the Class B category. They can come equipped with goodies like ESC, lane-keep assists, forward collision warning, and more. These systems make your journey a lot safer where you might not have road assistance.



What Is the Most Fuel-Efficient Camper Van?

Whether you dwell in a motorhome, a tent camper, or in a house; living costs are always a thing. In the case of the former, these include fuel costs as well. You’ll be moving around and you should remember that campervans consume more fuel than their regular counterparts due to the added weight. Right now, the most fuel-efficient camper van is the Winnebago Travato at around 22 mpg.



Should You Get A 4x4 Camper Van?

Depending on where you are, it is a good feature to have. If you’re somewhere with many trails around you and where the roads are non-existent, you should go for it. 4x4 campervans are rarer and more expensive to find plus they cost more in terms of fuel and servicing. But the fact that they can pull you out of the stickiest of situations is enough for you to get them.



Get Your Used Camper Van for Sale Now

Is now a good time to buy a campervan? It sure is. While terms such as covid and social distancing aren’t as prominent as they were some months ago. Camping out in vans has been and will always be a thing. This is why you should skip out on dealerships and their terrible sales staff and visit Expeditionmeister.


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