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Overlanding is a practice that has existed for more than a century now. It is when travelers and adventurers camp out in their vehicles. Expeditions have been made a lot easier with the popularity of overlanding. However, the vehicles used for it have changed and evolved quite a bit. The overland pickup is one of the many overland vehicles used for the job.



So, you might be thinking of getting an overland pickup truck for sale. But before you get into it, there is some basic info you should know about overlanding in general. You then also need to know about what an overland pickup is and what it can do for you. Also, you should know if this overland vehicle is right for you in the first place.


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The following piece gives you the gist of overlanding in pickups:


What Is the Point of Overlanding?

Overlanding is based on the same concept as excursions and expedition. It means to enjoy the thrill and tranquility that travelling and mother nature have to offer. It means to take your equipped overland vehicle out to the great outdoors and journey in it. Overlanding can not only destress your mind but it can also teach you essential survival skills. It can also improve your relationships with loved ones.


What Is the Difference Between Overlanding and Camping?

Camping is an integral part of traveling and has been for ages. This is when you camp out in tents and enjoy the stay at some remote campsite or campground. As far as facilities are concerned, you may use the public ones available specifically for campsites and campgrounds. For overlanding however, the journey is more important. As far as facilities are concerned, your vehicle usually provides everything.


Can You Live Full Time in A Truck Camper?

Yes, you can. Many people live out their lives travelling from one place to another like nomads. This can be done in an overland pickup as well, while it may not be as cozy as living in an RV or an overland truck. There’s also a legal aspect to it. While countries like the US don’t really allow you to live in temporary homes, other regions legally allow it.


What Do I Need to Start Overlanding?

Well, you need an overland vehicle for the most part. This can be any vehicle that’ll take you from your supposed home to the ends of the earth while allowing you to live in it. In this article, we’re discussing the overland pickup or pickup camper however. Whether you go overlanding for the weekend, the whole week, or the whole year; there are some essentials that you’ll need.


These include an offroad-friendly pickup truck with a camper arrangement. You’ll need basic kitchen supplies so that you can cook while on the trail. Also, you’ll need tanks to store propane for cooking and fuel for driving. A proper navigation system is an easy find these days but you’ll need also need an SOS setup. These are some essentials with a key one being awareness and experience.


What Is an Overland Vehicle?

An overland vehicle is any motor vehicle that is built to accommodate you on trips. This can mean allowing you to sleep in it, all the way to cooking and showering in it. There are many overland vehicles out there including campervans, SUV campers, overland trucks, etc. But we’ll be looking at the overland pickup truck and what it has to offer.


An overland pickup is a pickup truck that has been modified to provide living arrangements. This is a standard pickup truck that has been fitted with a truck topper or a truck camper box. The result is that you’ll be able to live inside instead of having to rely on tents. It is a much safer and cozier alternative plus you can accommodate at least 2 people.


Types of Overland Pickup Campers

Of course, there are several pickup camper arrangements available. You can find everything online from truck toppers to pop-up, flatbed, and cab over campers for sale. Truck toppers are for complete minimalists as they essentially just give you a place to sleep and relax. They’re a cost-efficient solution for your pickup overlanding needs.


Meanwhile popup, flatbed and cabover campers will give you more than just a sleeping area. They’ll come fitted with a lot more such as a small dining area, a basic kitchen, and many storage cubbies. The best ones such as the Aterra XL will even provide you with good and clean solar energy. But they’ll cost you a lot more than a simple tent camper (this is why you should get used ones).


What Is a Homemade Pickup Camper?

Of course, you might not be willing to buy from a pricey truck camper company such as AT Overland or Lance pickup campers. If you have the DIY spirit, you can follow the numerous tutorials online and make your very own homemade pickup camper. Simply get a pickup truck and build one according to your budget and needs. The downside to this? It will be difficult and you’ll need to test it quite a bit.


But even if you don’t have all the resources, the passion will be enough. You can still do a pickup overland on a budget. All you’ll need is a tent for the truck bed, a small stove, a propane tank, and an onboard generator. You’ll also need to make basic modifications to your truck so that it can go offroad. This means to equip it with offroad tires and bumpers; even adding a lift kit if necessary.


Overland Pickup vs Overland Truck

While googling “overland truck for sale” online, you’ll find a lot of different options. You’ll see that some of the results will show you 6x6, 8x8, and even box truck campers instead of overland pickups. These are also overland trucks but people tend to use this term interchangeably with overland pickups. These large trucks are larger and pricier than overland pickups but they offer more features than most RVs.


You can read about overland trucks for sale here:


What Makes the Best Overland Vehicle?

The best truck bed camper is the one that won’t fail you. Reliability, fuel-efficiency and durability are key factors when you’re out in the wild. Breaking down due to any reason in a remote area can be fatal. A well-maintained overland pickup can be quite the companion in overlanding expeditions.


What Is the Most Popular Truck Camper?

There are many important truck camper brands such as Lance, NuCamp, KingStar, Host and Hallmark. All these companies are well-established and reliable. Their overland pickups are the most popular. But what about homemade pickup campers? Some of the best overland pickup campers can be made from brands such as Ford, Dodge, Toyota, and Nissan.


What Is the Smallest Truck Bed Camper?

What is the lightest truck camper made? It is definitely the Scout Yoho camper. It weighs less than a ton and it is also the smallest in the game. That being said, it offers a lot of amenities despite being based on a mid-sized platform.


What Is the Largest Pickup Truck Camper?

If you’re looking to go big or go home, then the Eagle Cap 1200 is for you. This monster is not only huge, but it can expand to become even larger. It is based on a heavy-duty truck platform and it is quite the bang for your buck.


Do You Need 4x4 For Overlanding?

You don’t need it according to most experts. In fact, most people don’t even use four-wheel-drive as they never really need to. A set of good offroading tires, high ground clearance, and a proper drivetrain are all you need to make a difference off-tarmac. This is why you can turn your regular old truck into a killer overlanding beast with a few modifications. So, not having 4x4 shouldn’t be a worry.


That being said, having 4x4 can be quite the blessing when the going gets really tough. When you’re off regular tarmac, 4WD systems on a pickup truck are always lucrative. They work with the higher ground clearance and power to take you through most obstacles. In fact, you can also find trucks with more goodies such as locking diffs, crawl control, etc.


Is AWD Good for Overlanding?

Yes, it is. Is AWD as good as 4WD off-road? Some might say that it is better. This is because all-wheel-drive systems are lighter so you get a better power-to-weight ratio for your overland pickup. The result is that you can go more easily over gravel tracks and sandy ones. Nothing beats AWD when it comes to light duty offroading.


Can You Overland with A 2-Wheel Drive?

You sure can. But it is recommended (not necessary) that your truck has lockers along with all the essential stuff. This can help you out a lot when you’re driving in swamps, bogs, or any sort of muddy and sticky terrain.


Why Are Toyotas So Popular for Overlanding?

This is a valid question because it is true. You may want a brand-new Ford Maverick truck camper for all that’s worth but reviewers online will tell you to get a Toyota. While it is true that Toyota pickups are built to outlast their owners and be reliable, the availability of cheap genuine parts makes them even better. Also, Toyota offers several overland pickup options such as the Tacoma, Tundra and Hilux.


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