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Terra-exp the link! Terra-exp is the link between the US and Europe (EU) in regard to Expedition and Overland vehicles. If you are in the market for an Expedition Truck, Unimog, or Overland Camper, you realize that there is a quite large and very interesting market in EU with very fascinating vehicles. The downside: How to get the vehicles from Europe to the USA, registered and street legal – ready to travel? Terra-exp offers a very interesting service that includes everything you need: • sourcing vehicles in EU • screening vehicles according to our checklist • prepare and execute export process, including all paperwork • transport to the port, EU • transport port to port • transport port US to our facility • prepare and execute import US and custom US, including all paperwork • verification process US • insurance US • registration process US • US title
United States, Florida, Fort Myers, 33913
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