How to sell on Expeditionmeister

People can sell their overland vehicles on Expeditionmeister. On this page we describe how our website works if you want to sell your vehicle on the most user-friendly designed expedition vehicles marketplace.

Expeditionmeister is created to solve the most common challenges and problems when selling and buying overland vehicles. Read our story here!



Table of contents

1. Create an account

2. Upload your vehicle

3. Finalize the sale


Sell your vehicle

1. Create an account

In just a minute you can create an account! Simply fill in the form.


2. Upload your vehicle

Create an advertisement on the website. Upload your used or new vehicle by filling out the form. Try to fill in as many fields as possible to give visitors more information to attract their attention and thus increase your success rate. After 90 days your advertisement will expire. You can simply relist the advertisement, no need to worry.


Learn how to create a solid advertisement that attracts buyers to set your self up for success. Read the sellers guide!


Service Expeditionmeister

Promote your vehicle for 180 days for only 29$ in total.. It is possible to highlight or mark your vehicle as premium to give it the extra attention it deserves.


3. Finalize the sale

When you are in contact with a serious buyer for your truck, pickup or RV and you and the buyer feel the same about the situation you can proceed to finalize the sale to sell your vehicle.


1. Agree on price


2. Arrange on transportation terms



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