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Important Stuff to Know About Expedition Trucks

There’s a multitude of options when going overlanding. There are all sorts of overland vehicles for sale in the market today. You can find them in various shapes and sizes, all according to your budget. But what if you wanted to go all out? What if you have good money to spend on a motorhome? The obvious answer in this case would be to get an overland truck, aka a living truck.



So, what exactly is this living truck? In short, it is a commercial truck available with living arrangements. It is hence different from an overland pickup truck, which is usually based on a full-size or heavy-duty truck. The huge size difference between overland trucks and pickups means that you get a lot more in amenities. So, let’s look at the overland truck life and the various overland trucks you’ll find.



The following piece shows you all you need to know about living trucks.


How Can I Live Out of My Truck?

Before you go looking for the best truck camper to live in, you should know about the life offered. Living in a truck camper is fairly easy because you get all the basic facilities. This means that you’ll get goodies like a built-in bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and dining area. Living out of a truck is the most convenient compared to other motorhomes because you won’t have to look for public facilities.


What Do You Need in An Overland Vehicle?

As far as essentials and supplies are concerned, you can and should keep plenty. Your overland truck camper will have many storage areas to help you out. There are many storage cubbies available on these living trucks. Plus, there’s a lot of room for your luggage, usually under the floor. So, what should you take with you when living out of a truck?


Anything you’d normally need plus more. You’ll obviously need cooking supplies and ingredients, plus utensils. Make sure to keep a lot of water with you, along with a water filter for when it gets rough. Safety is paramount so keep a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, and a fire blanket. For the truck, you’ll need to keep a toolbox, a compressor; spare parts such as fluids, relays, fuses and necessary belts.


Living In a Truck Full Time

Living in a truck camper is quite an amazing experience. This is why some people want to live in one full time. It is quite exhilarating if you’re a traveler and adventurer. You should just check the laws of the region to make sure that everything’s legal, as it isn’t in the USA. To live in box truck or any other overland vehicle is legal in the US for a maximum of six months.



What Is the Purpose of A 6x6 Truck?

Owning or even driving a 6x6 truck remains a dream for most. 6x6 vehicles such as the Mercedes-Benz G63 6x6 are quite the poster figures. But those aren’t the only 6x6 vehicles as this is a common format for commercial trucks. A 6-wheel drive truck is much more stable than any 4x4 truck can be. As a result, you can find that there are many overland 6x6 trucks as well.


When It Comes to Overlanding, Is 6x6 Better Than 4x4?

You may be confused between a 4x4 and a 6x6 motorhome then. Overlanding requires offroading prowess, hence a way of looking at this comparison is to consider offroading. It is common knowledge that a 6x6 expedition truck will be better offroad than a 4x4 truck. The reason is simply that the overland 6x6 expedition truck will have an extra axle.


This means that the weight distribution is more even. An even weight distribution like in the Mercedes Unimog, will allow you truck to soldier on regardless of what nature throws at it. This is why a 6x6 off road truck is considered to be a better choice than its 4x4 counterpart. At the same time, you can rely on a 4x4 truck to be cheaper to not only buy, but also cheaper to maintain due to the fewer parts.


What Is An 8x8 Vehicle?

If a 6x6 expedition vehicle was a hard pill to swallow, you haven’t seen an 8x8 off road truck. 8x8 trucks have 8 wheels, with all of them being part of the powertrain. The result is that you get the most amount of traction and stability on tough terrains. The downside of these trucks is that they’re some of the priciest and heaviest out there. The pro (apart from offroading), is that they make great overland trucks.


An 8x8 truck is usually found where the largest camper trucks are discussed. This is because of the longer length of the truck as it has 4 axles; each having 2 wheels on them.


What Is the Biggest Camper in The World?

What is the biggest size camper you can buy? The largest camper in the world is the Commander 8x8. This is an 8x8 camper truck which is not for the feint hearted. It is a double story overland adventure truck that can accommodate 10 sleepy heads and comes with many amenities. This beast is 40 feet long and naturally, its base price is around $900k.


How Much Is an Expedition Truck?

With that being said, how much is a living truck? When you’ve got something with the features of the best RVs and an added offroading ability, these trucks aren’t cheap. One of the most reasonably priced ones is the ATV Shaman 8X8 at $175k. These prices can go all the way up to a million dollars for the UniMog, an expedition truck based on the… Unimog Mercedes.


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