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Why do some vehicles sell within a week and others have been online for ages? There are a lot of factors that determine this, but one of the biggest factors that affect whether a vehicle sells quickly and for the right price is the ad itself.


Guide to create a perfect advertisement


Think like a buyer when you list your vehicle for sale. Why? Ask yourself this while creating your ad: "Would I click on this ad based on the title and images?" and "Is it clear to me what the current condition and history of the vehicle is?"

A well-organized ad attracts more potential buyers than an unstructured and incomplete ad with blurry images.

Creating a perfect ad generates more interest and increases the chances that you will get what you ask for. On this page we describe what to consider when creating the ad. Expeditiemeister helps you!


1. Pictures are key

Clear and neat images are key. No one wants to look at blurry images. Provide the potential buyer with enough pictures from every angle of the vehicle. You are allowed to upload 24 images. Use this opportunity!


Make sure to make pictures when you have washed your truck or van. When you have the opportunity or time, make images with the right lighting. Wait until the sun is out and is not reflecting and making the images unclear or giving the vehicle another "color".



1. Upload a picture from under the hood, show them the engine.

2. Have an action picture

3. Show the features (shower, kitchen, etc)


2. Title, clear and distinct

Don't put adverbs in your title! So no: "beast..", "Super...", etc. Be clear and give the viewer the essential info. Mention the make, model, year and maybe a cool feature.


For example:

2014 Land Rover Defender 4x4 with rooftop tent


3. Powerful description

Main info; make, model, year

Reason for selling; max 2 sentences

Current condition; be honest, don't exaggerate

History; max 2 to 3 sentences

Recent repairs and maintenance

Max 3 reasons why you loved the car


4. Vehicle features

Expeditionmeister is designd in such a way that sellers have the possiblity to fill in fields like Mileage, Year, Number of seats, etc. And to make it even easier, one can easily show additional features like vehicle features & Camper features.


Show them what your truck/van has. Does it have a shower or toilet? Simply check the boxes during the creation of your advertisement on Expeditionmeister.


5. Contact info

People also need to contact you. Be sure that you filled in the right email and phone number when creating your listing!



Make sure that your country code is present in your phone number!


6. Price determination

Ask a reasonable price. Have a look at other prices from other vehicles that are similar. Don't ask more than your competitors when you have the same vehicle in the same condition and same features. One reason why you can ask more, is when you are the only one with such a specific vehicle in the area.


You also have the possibility on Expeditionmeister to let people contact you when they are interested to get to know the price.


Not sure what to ask? Let us help you and contact us!




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