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Tailor-made shipping arrangements for overland trucks.
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Active for more than 10 years shipping all types of overland trucks & trailers to all continents.

Customs & duties guidance

We also assist you with customs formalities and offer you maritime insurance for the entire sea voyage.

Global network

Anywhere is possible, as long as a ro-ro ocean boat can unload. We have agents around the globe.

  • Roll on Roll off. Shipping your vehicle by driving it onto the ship and rolling it off upon arrival. Ro/Ro shipping is known as one of the easiest methods of transporting your (single) truck. Secure your vehicle during transport by storing it in the vessel. Roll on Roll off transport can handle any size vehicle compared to container transport where one is limited to the size of the container.

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RORO & Container Transport Prices

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  • Europe
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  • Asia

'We ship your vehicle, assist you with the customs formalities and offer you maritime insurance for the entire sea voyage. Belgaco continuously checks all shipping possibilities to offer the most reliable and cost effective solutions.'

Belgaco, trusted shipping partner

From A to B without any troubles

Whether you are traveling around the world or exporting/importing a vehicle, Belgaco takes care of your paperwork. Transport your truck worldwide and without stress.

Factors to consider that affect your shipping price:

  • Destination
    A long journey costs more fuel and labor for the shipping company.
  • Weight & size
    Shipping 2 Defenders or one 8x8 truck makes the difference.
  • Shipping method
    Ro/Ro, container shipment or transport by truck all have different advantages but also different costs.
  • Timing
    Supply and demand, are you able to wait a few more weeks or months? Others also want to ship.

Belgaco Shipping offers maritime insurance for the entire journey of your vehicle. Your vehicle is protected from the moment it crosses the wire of the terminal at delivery until the moment it crosses the wire of the terminal at destination.

The insurance covers :

  • Total loss, theft and non-delivery of the entire vehicle/container.
  • Physical damage and or losses in case of shipwreck, fire, grounding & ship collision.
  • General average; costs that carriers can recover from cargo owners are also covered.

The law of the general average is a principle of maritime law whereby all stakeholders in a marine enterprise share proportionately in the losses resulting from a voluntary sacrifice of part of the vessel or cargo to save the whole in an emergency.

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